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Mum brands boy “gimp” following household chore joke

A STUDENT has been branded “gimp boy” by his own mother – after he cheekily refused to do a simple household chore.

Jason Coakley got up to find a white shirt folded on a table with a note from his mum asking to “hang this out”.

The note that Jason's mum left for him
The note that Jason’s mum left for him

Jason sent his mum a photo of his efforts – showing the note neatly pinned to the washing line and not a sign of the shirt.

Jason, who’s studying geology and petroleum at Aberdeen University, posted the exchange on social media, which has already generated 32,000 retweets.

The hilarious picture he sent back to her
The hilarious picture he sent back to her

The first picture shows a green sticky note left on top of a white shirt, which reads: “Can you hang this out please. Ta, Mum.”

The second snap, of the note on the line, is followed by a screenshot of his mum’s text.

She wrote: “Are you thick!!!!!!! I meant to hang the shirt out gimp boy!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!”

Social media users who enjoyed Jason’s joke shared their own experiences of household chores that had been misinterpreted.

Her text shows she was not impressed with his joke
Her text shows she was not impressed with his joke

Stacey Rendall said: “I asked my boy once…’Taylor can you empty the bin in the toilet?’ I go upstairs only to find the contents of the bin in the toilet.”

Jacki Hooks wrote: “I asked my 15-year-old daughter to throw a tin of soup in the microwave…can you guess what she did? Put the whole tin in, not even opened.”

Vikki Brunton commented: “I asked my son to throw the towel over the fence as it was wet from him being in the pool. I went to get it later and couldn’t find it. He literally threw it over the fence.”

Jason with his mum, Kimberley
Jason with his mum, Kimberley

After finishing his first year at university, Jason is back staying at his mum’s house in Dunbar, East Lothian.

Kimberley Valentine, 45, goes out to work, leaving Jason with a few light household chores to take care of.

Jason said: “She can’t believe that I turn 20 on Sunday and still do stuff like this.”

He added: “I didn’t expect this response at all. It went crazy overnight.”

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