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NewsPolice treat my lost son like he's a missing dog, claims dad

Police treat my lost son like he’s a missing dog, claims dad

A FATHER has accused police of treating his son no better than a “missing dog” since his disappearance three years ago.

Allan Bryant senior lashed out at Police Scotland after getting woken up at night by a text promising an “update” the following day.

The 50-year-old says he then waited by the phone the next day without getting word from police about his son.

Mr Bryant, from Glenrothes, Fife, retaliated by recording an emotional five-minute video in which he railed against the force’s “atrocious” lack of communication.


Allan doesn't feel police are doing enough to find his missing son
Allan doesn’t feel police are doing enough to find his missing son


His son, Allan junior, was 23 when he went missing. He has not been seen since leaving Styx nightclub in Glenrothes in the early hours of November 3, 2013.

Mr Bryant claims to have received hundreds of texts from police promising a call which never materialises.

He says it is “virtually impossible” to get a reply from police despite sending thousands of emails.

He said today: “They’ve treated Allan like a missing dog since he went missing. They took seven months to release the CCTV footage of him last being seen and by that point, everyone has forgotten.

“On July 7th 2015, we actually had a meeting with police saying we’d get weekly updates but it’s just not happened. The lack of communication has been atrocious.

“If they can text me, they can call me. For me, text isn’t a proper way of communication. You should call so you can have a proper conversation with someone and see how they’re feeling.”



In his video, Mr Bryan complained: “On Friday I went to bed and got a text from police at 1.17am who said they were going to call me the following afternoon.

“I sat there all afternoon, waiting for this phone call which never came. This has been going on since Allan went missing, saying they’re going to call and not.

He continued: “It haunts us every day and the police just don’t seem to realise that and take it seriously enough to give us phone calls and keep us updated.

“No family with a missing loved one should be treated like this life is hard enough with our son missing never mind Police Scotland making our lives even more harder.”

Allan senior says he will never give up the fight to find information about his son’s disappearance. Allan Jnr was just a 10-minute walk from home when he disappeared without trace.

He is urging anyone with information to contact him via the ‘Find Allan Bryant jnr’ Facebook page.



Allan won't rest until he has closure about his son's disappearance
Allan won’t rest until he has closure about his son’s disappearance


Detective Superintendent Stuart Johnstone said: “The investigation to find Allan Bryant is ongoing. I sympathise with Allan’s family and friends who have had to endure so many months of not knowing what has happened to him, and I wish to assure them, and the wider public, that officers are continuing to review the missing person case to make sure all possible lines of inquiry are explored.

“Allan’s family have been given updates through the course of the investigation, and each time we have received new information it has been assessed and actioned accordingly. Whilst Allan remains missing, we continue to appeal for information about what happened after he left Styx nightclub in November 2013, and would urge anyone who may be able to help to come forward.”

Allan Bryant Junior’s mother, Marie Degan, is resigned to the fact her son isn’t coming home.

Marie and Allan Senior have raised money to carry out their own searches and appeal everyday on social media for information as to his whereabouts.

Last year, the family were sent details which claimed Allan was killed at a house party on the night he went missing and his body later dumped in a drain.

Marie spoke of her anguish after visiting the large drain where she was told her son’s body had been left that night.

She said: “No mother should think of her son lying in there.

“It’s a total nightmare. I need to know what has happened to my son. If there’s a slight chance this information is true, we will search.

“We’ve had people searching in there and they’ve covered a fair bit of it but the drain goes for miles.”

She continued: “This person told two people that’s what happened and we can’t take a chance they’re not telling the truth so we have to search, even if the police don’t.

“I want my son back and someone out there knows what has happened to him. As a mother, having to stand there and think my child is lying in there is destroying.

“We are resigned to the fact Allan is dead and never coming home but we need closure. If anyone knows anything at all I’d ask them to contact us or police or even Crimestoppers.”

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