Horrifying footage shows car flip in A9 smash


THE HORRIFYING moment a car flipped over on one of Scotland’s busiest roads has been caught on camera.

Heart-stopping footage has emerged showing the vehicle ploughing into a barrier at high speed and flipping onto its roof on the A9 yesterday (Mon).

One person was left trapped inside the vehicle after the crash which took place at 3.20pm near the Alvie Estate on the Inverness to Perth road. Amazingly, no-one was seriously injured.

The footage was captured by a motorcyclist’s rear-facing camera.

The car appears to collide with a barrier near construction works in the middle of the busy road before flipping into the air and rolling over on the tarmac before eventually coming to rest on its roof.



A police spokesman confirmed that the road was closed for several hours as a result of the crash and that two vehicles were involved in the incident. Fire crews attended the scene.

Motorcyclist Craig Walker, who was travelling in the opposite direction and passed the white Ford Fiesta before it tipped over, did not realise had recorded the dramatic footage until later.

The nine-second clip shows two vehicles pass the construction works, however, the white Ford drives straight into the metal barrier that separates the works from the road.

The front-left wheel appears to hit the angled front-edge of the barrier, causing the hatchback to jolt suddenly to the left and flip over in the air.

It lands with a huge bang on its roof, before momentum carries it forward, toppling a full 360 degrees.


The horrifying footage captures the moment the car flips in the air
The horrifying footage captures the moment the car flips in the air


It eventually comes to rest, once again on its roof and facing the construction works, side on to the direction of traffic.

Fortunately the car avoids colliding with the oncoming traffic and there’s no car immediately behind it which prevents a further collision.

Mr Walker said he was moments from the car hitting his bike but admitted he wasn’t aware of the accident until he watched the footage later that evening.

He said: “If I was 3 seconds slower, I’d have had the car barrel rolling into my bike.

“I was unaware it happened till I stopped at a layby outside Aviemore to wait on my other biker friends.

“They were caught up in the accident and were about 8 cars behind the crash.

“I carried on home, conscious it happened but oblivious that I caught it on camera, until I went through my footage last night.

“I seriously hope the driver and passengers are okay.”

Police said several passengers from the vehicle received hospital treatment and had all been released.