Gonnae no Foo that – Dave Grohl has Chewin’ The Fat catchphrase on stage kit


THE FOO Fighters are massive fans of Scottish comedy – if a picture of their tour kit is anything to go by.

A picture has emerged online which shows Dave Grohl’s stage equipment emblazoned with the phrase ‘Gonnae no tip’.

The picture was posted online by Alistair Christie, who is thought to be Grohl’s guitar technician and a Scot.

The picture appears to have been taken backstage at one of the band’s gigs and shows two flight cases emblazoned with the Foo Fighters’ logo. One has the name ‘Dave’ printed on it.

Beneath the ‘FF’ logo on the other case is the phrase ‘gonnae no tip’ written in white letters.


Rumours were already circulating that the superstar musician is a fan of Still Game
Rumours were already circulating that the superstar musician is a fan of Still Game


This would appear to be a reference to the ‘gonnae no do that’ catchphrase which was made famous in ‘Chewin’ the Fat’ – a Scottish comedy sketch show from the late nineties.

Still Game star Sanjeev Kohli, who plays Navid, recently tweeted there was a rumour about that Grohl is a fan of the show.

Mr Christie – described in a recent article on a music website as “Grohl’s talented tech” – commented: “Can’t confirm if the boss is a fan or not… The crew are definitely into Still Game.”


Twitter users were quick to spot the 'Gonnae No' phrase
Twitter users were quick to spot the ‘Gonnae No’ phrase


Mr Christie, directed the photo to Kohli, who retweeted the picture. Twitter user @CluthaDubh referenced the famous joke by writing: “Gonnae no tip? How? Just gonnae no?”

The comedy featured various characters and starred Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, who also write the popular sitcom, Still Game.

‘Gonnae no do that’ became a commonly used catchphrase by Scots who were irritated by something someone else had done.

The phrase was first heard in a recurring sketch on ‘Chewin’ the Fat’ which focussed on two lighthouse keepers, played by Kiernan and Hemphill.

Kiernan’s character would repeatedly do things to annoy his fellow keeper, which would eventually result in Hemphill’s beleaguered character saying ‘Gonnae no do that?’

To which Kiernan would reply ‘How?’ Before being told, ‘Just gonnae no?’