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How to Choose the Best Smartphones for Your Staff


More and more employers are beginning to provide their employees with smartphones for work purposes. Having a business smartphone means that your employees will be able to keep their personal data and business data completely separate, save money on their mobile phone plan and have access to some of the best smartphone models available. Along with that, giving your employees smartphones for business use, especially if you have remote workers or employees who spend a lot of time out in the field, makes it easier for you to both communicate more effectively with them, as well as monitor their progress. But, how do you choose the right smartphone to provide to your staff?


In order to make the most out of a business smartphone, it’s important to make sure that you choose a model which offers your employees a lot of relevant features. Many modern smartphones have apps and features for a whole range of business functions, for example reminders, planning apps, password protected notes and more. When choosing a smartphone, it’s important to look into exactly what’s offered on the app store of the platform which you’re looking at to make sure that it is the best choice for business use.

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Ease of Use

Depending on the type of people that you hire, you may well find that some of your employees aren’t too smartphone-savvy, especially those from the older generation. Whilst some people can use smartphones like it is second nature, others find it hard to get to grips with them. Along with that, some smartphone users are used to using a certain operating system, for example iOS or Android, and can find it difficult to adapt to another one. With this in mind, it’s important to make ease of use a priority when choosing a smartphone for your employees.

Smartphone Memory

When choosing a smartphone model to give to your business employees, the amount of memory available on it is a factor which must be considered. If you expect your employees to need to store a lot of data, files and apps on the smartphone you give to them, opting for a model with a higher memory availability, for example the iPhone 6 128GB, is the best option. Or, if you are more swayed to the budget smartphone side of things in order to keep costs low, there are a range of great cheaper Android and Windows 10 mobile phones which have expandable memory and are compatible with MicroSD cards, available from

Staying Connected

When choosing smartphones for your staff members, it’s vital to keep in mind the other devices which are commonly used in the office and may need to be connected to the smartphones. For example, if your employees all use Android tablets in the workplace, getting Android smartphones is the obvious choice as it will enable your staff to merge the two devices together for better communication and sharing.

Choosing smartphones for your business employees is no easy task, so make sure that you keep the needs of your business in mind.