Parent and child parker returns to scratched paint and “Dear C***” note on windscreen


A MOTORIST who parked in supermarket child and parent space returned to find his car keyed and a note that started: “Dear C***”.

Richard Brown fell victim to a parking vigilante at Asda in Kirkcaldy, Fife, late at night on Wednesday.

Although Richard admitted he was by himself he said the store was deserted and parking in a reserved space could not have inconvenienced anyone.

The culprit gouged deep scratches in the metallic paint on both sides of his vehicle.

Richard posted pictures of the damage and the note attached to his windscreen shortly after 10.30pm.


Mr Brown came back to find the handwritten note on his car
Mr Brown came back to find the handwritten note on his car


The handwritten missive addressed Richard as “Dear C***” before sarcastically adding: “Sorry for the damage. Next time bring your kids if you’re going to park in child parking.

“Yours sincerely.”

Richard took to Facebook to vent his anger and appeal for people to contact him or his wife, Samantha, if they knew anything about the incident.

He wrote: “If anyone sees this pop up on Facebook can you please tag me or Samantha on it.

“I parked at Asda Kirkcaldy in a parent and child space at 10.30pm tonight and come out to this note on my windscreen and both sides of my car have been keyed right through the paint.

“Aye I maybe shouldn’t have parked there but it was dead and no one about at all. That doesn’t give anyone the right to vandalise my property.


The scratches could cost hundreds to fix
The scratches could cost hundreds to fix


“Share please folks! F****** coward!”

Posting later he added: “Someone’s probably done it for likes and retweets. I’m that raging I can’t sleep.

“They’re just cowards. If they were that p*****off at me parking there why not have the balls to wait on me coming out and confront me?

Fellow Facebook users were shocked by the incident.

Vicky Woodrow said: “That’s shocking. Hope they get caught and done for damage.”

Leona Rafferty commented: “It’s shocking what they’ve done. Let me know how you get on.”

And Lynetto Cornetto replied: “Later at night everyone parks in those spaces when it’s not busy. That’s ridiculous! Best let the police deal with it.”

Richard has reported the vandalism to the police and said he believed Asda has CCTV footage that may help catch the vandal.