Sunday, July 3, 2022
NewsTesco mocked for superhero promotion that requires time travel

Tesco mocked for superhero promotion that requires time travel

TESCO have been mocked for a superhero promotion requiring shoppers to time travel before they can cash it in.

A voucher handed out by the supermarket offers 100 clubcard points to shoppers who buy a copy of the Batman v Superman film – set to be released on August 1.

But in a massive blunder the voucher is only valid until July 31 – the day before the film comes out.

The promotion has been mocked online by baffled shoppers – who have pointed out that cashing in would mean breaking the laws of space and time.

Now Tesco have admitted their mistake, saying shoppers would have to use Superman’s trick from the 1978 movie – where he flies backwards around Earth to travel back in time – before they could take advantage of the offer.

The voucher in question
The voucher in question

The voucher appears to have been widely distributed, with several shoppers posting about their confusion on social media.

One social media user posted a picture of the voucher on Tesco’s Facebook page asking: “Anyone else been lucky enough to receive a voucher like this?”

Another saw the funny side of the problem, calling the voucher “typical Tesco humour”.

One poster was determined to still use the voucher, writing: “I’ve messaged Brian Cox to see if I can defy the laws of time and space to use it.”

Tesco's response to complaints
Tesco’s response to complaints

Tesco gave tongue-in-cheek responses to some posts, with one of their replies reading:

“Maybe Superman could do it with his turning back time by flying round the Earth trick, but the rest of us would probably struggle.”

Tesco have also said that the date on the vouchers is a misprint, and that any shopper owning one can use it until August 14.

They wrote: “I’m sorry for any confusion here. The date on the voucher has been incorrectly printed, the voucher is valid until 14th August 2016, any voucher with the incorrect date can be used.”

Tesco clubcard points are converted into discount vouchers once shoppers have collected 150.

It is estimated that more than 15 million people in the UK own a clubcard.

Shoppers are usually awarded 1 point for every £1 spent, meaning the voucher in question is worth the same as a £100 shop.

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