Hilarious clip shows climbing pup sabotage push up challenge


HILARIOUS footage shows the moment an acrobatic puppy tried to sabotage one man’s charity pushup challenge.

Tim Dutton, from New South Wales, Australia, was filmed trying to do push ups as part of the 22 Pushups challenge which has become an internet trend over recent weeks.

The hashtag has spread around the world as people try to complete 22 push ups a day for 22 days – to raise awareness of military suicides.

Mr Dutton, 48, was into day three of his challenge when his effort was sabotaged by his seven-month-old dog – Dexter.

The recording starts with Mr Dutton powering through his push up challenge as Dexter wanders into the frame to inspect what’s going on.


The hilarious clip shows the pup trying to stop his owner complete the challenge
The hilarious clip shows the pup trying to stop his owner complete the challenge


The border collie hilariously begins to try and grab his arm, as if trying to stop him, before attempting to climb over him.

Undeterred, Mr Dutton carries on, as the dog valiantly tries to stand all the way on the back of his owner.

Mr Dutton powers through whilst his dog uses him as a human climbing frame, taking paws to the face and having to ignore his dog as it tries to nibble on his shirt.

Dexter acts almost like a personal trainer at one point, with its paws on Mr Dutton’s back as he tries to complete his challenge.

He eventually completes his push ups, much to the hilarity of Mr Dutton’s wife – Merrin – who can be heard in hysterics behind the camera, as the dog is nearly flipped over.

Mrs Dutton, 45, uploaded the funny video of her musician husband to her Facebook page where it’s been viewed over 25,000 times.


Her caption reads: “This is what happens when you try the 22 push-up challenge with a border collie around.”

Facebook users were quick to react to the video.

Jade Jones said: “Now that made me laugh!”

Fiona Spriggs commented: “That is so funny. I’m impressed Tim kept going.”

Videos of people taking part in #22Pushups have been appearing on social media after the challenge was started by US campaign group #22KILL.

The group aim to raise awareness for veteran suicide, with an average of 22 US war veterans killed by suicide every day, and hope to reach 22 million pushups in total.