Best man speech lessons offered for tongue-tied groomsmen


A SCOTS comedian is branching out her career by giving best man speech lessons.

Glasgow-born Lynn Ferguson, who also boasts acting, presenting and writing on her repertoire, has started offering a £40 online wedding speech course.

The lessons, which are presented as short videos and split into 20 lectures, touch upon areas including storytelling, timing and comedy.

She promises that those who complete the 40 minute course will be able to deliver a “funny, emotional and respectable” speech.

And you’ll even get a certificate when you’re done.

At the end of the course participants even receive a certificate
At the end of the course participants even receive a certificate

The only requirement to take part is that you’ve been asked to do a speech, and you have a means of audio recording yourself.

Ms Ferguson feels that her course helps take the stress away from giving best man speeches and often the best ones come from people you may not expect.

She said: “Teaching story is about getting people from all walks of life to be able to talk naturally to a crowd or audience without needing notes or looking like they have a coat hanger rammed into the shoulders of their jacket.

“Some of the best stories I’ve heard have come from people who on first glance looked – and sounded – like they’d never be able to do it.

“Weddings should be fun for everybody. Its an honour to be asked to be someone’s best man, and it’s a shame if you have to waste time worrying about doing a speech.”

All of the instructional videos take the same format of Ferguson – who voiced the character of Mac in the animated film Chicken Run – standing on her own and talking into the lens.

The first three lessons, totalling five and a half minutes, can be previewed free of charge so those interested can get a taste of what to expect.

The lessons are said to take the stress out of preparing and delivering a best man speech
The lessons are said to take the stress out of preparing and delivering a best man speech

Firstly Ferguson, who claims to have been best man “a few times”, outlines how tough the all-important speech can be.

In her second lesson, titled ‘Fast facts about a best man’s speech’, she outlines a list of important dos and don’ts on the day.

Apparently, you must thank the couple for the “wonderful” event, say how “adorable” the bride and groom are and read out messages from absent friends.

It’s important to thank the couple for the “wonderful event” but major ‘do not’ subjects include ex-girlfriends or previous marriages, drinking binges, drug busts or full-out fighting.

One major point she stresses is to not swear under any circumstance – or drink too much before the speech.

“There was one where the best man got very drunk before the speech,” she explained.

“He simply said, I’m so happy he is marrying her and if anyone fs with them, I will come and I will find you and I will f**g cut you. Understand?”

“Fortunately most of the guests were American, and figured he was just reciting some lines from Braveheart.”

She continued: “It’s never easy to do something new, whilst simultaneously trying to sound like someone else.

“The point of my best man course is that you build a speech that sounds like you and fits you.

“It’s brilliant to see people realise they’re really good at something they were terrified of. It’s quite addictive actually.”