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NewsBizarre Scottish insult left of American rocker's Twitter page

Bizarre Scottish insult left of American rocker’s Twitter page

US rockers Fall Out Boy tweeted a favourite Scottish insult – after falling victim to hackers.

The band baffled their millions of fans worldwide by tweeting from their official account: “Yer da sells Avon.”

It quickly emerged that the account had been hacked – and the offending phrase suggested by a Scots student.

Fall Out Boy, who hail from Illinois and have sold seven million albums, normally regale their two million Twitter fans with messages such as: “Get psyched, Del Mar! Playing @KAABOODELMAR on 9/16”.


The strange tweet appeared yesterday after the band's account was hacked
The strange tweet appeared yesterday after the band’s account was hacked


So a message on Monday afternoon , suggesting their fans’ fathers made a living selling cosmetics at home parties, was out of character.

The rogue post was later deleted, along with others which put up by the hackers, but not before it picked up over 1,000 likes and retweets.

Rachel Reid, from Aberdeen, spotted an opportunity for the Scottish phrase to appear on one of her favourite band’s pages when she noticed they had been hacked.

The 18-year-old student saw a tweet from the another account asking for “requests” to be posted on the Fall Out Boy page and tweeted them to tell them she would “sob” if they could tweet the phrase and that it’d become a “meme in Scotland”.

Her tweet with the screenshot of her request has since gone viral picked up 1,600 retweets and over 3,000 likes.


Rachel Reid from Aberdeen noticed the page had been hacked
Rachel Reid from Aberdeen noticed the page had been hacked


She said: “I noticed a few strange tweets from the Fall Out Boy account and one saying to tweet a certain account with any requests.

“I’d seen a few funny ones and thought I’d put in my request. I’m a massive fan and got to meet them for my 18th when they played in Aberdeen.

“It was just meant to be a laugh with my friends. I definitely didn’t expect it to go viral. My Twitter has been going mad ever since. Even Scotty T from Geordie Shore tweeted it last night.”

Fellow Twitter users were quick to respond to the unusual tweet.

@ceeess92 wrote: “Legend. I hope they shout this at Bellahouston Park now.”

@JstDannyy said: “I actually screenshot this monumental event.”

Whilst fans from the other side of the world were left confused. @kelvdias commented: “What “yer da sells avon” actually means? Sorry I’m from Brazil.”

It’s not known what the superstar rockers have made of the tweet, however, they may experience more Scottish humour in the near future.

The band are due to play Bellahouston Park in Glasgow on August 27 as part of their latest tour.

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