Friday, August 12, 2022
In BriefVideo shows huge swarm of wasps in Edinburgh street

Video shows huge swarm of wasps in Edinburgh street

REMARKABLE video shows the moment a giant swarm of wasps descended on one of Edinburgh busiest streets.

The film shows a cloud of the insects buzzing cars and pedestrians in the Tollcross area of the city – which is packed with people enjoying the annual festival.

The clip was taken yesterday lunchtime by Mike McGrail, who wrote: “Thousands of wasps swarming in Tollcross.”

One Twitter user claimed the insects had been deliberately released on the city.

“Rebecca” tweeted: “Colleague at work saw 2 men release a swarm of ‘thousands’ at Usher Hall at 12.30pm. I also spotted a swarm on castle terrace!”

Another tweeter joked that the insects were perhaps irate festival performers, writing: “Some very angry wasps swarming around Tollcross. Maybe they got a bad review.”

Another video shows a close-up of hundreds of insects – said to be bees – next to a hedge in the same part of the city.

A similar incident in early July saw a horde of bees spotted at the entrance to the Balmoral Hotel.

Earlier this year, the hotel created a space for 50,000 bees on its rooftop to produce honey for guests.

But the hotel denied that these bees were the same ones swarming outside its entrance.

The cause of Tuesday’s swarm remains unclear.


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