Limmy posts video of homophobic abuse five minutes after arriving in Edinburgh


SCOTS comedian Limmy has posted a video of shocking homophobic abuse in Edinburgh – just “five minutes” after arriving in the city.

The comic – real name Brian Limond – filmed as one man verbally abused another in the Royal Mile and threatened to attack him.

Glasgow-based Limmy tweeted the footage to fans writing: “In Edinburgh 5 minutes. Here’s a guy calling another guy a f****t and p**f and threatening to knock him out.”

The video has emerged just a day after Edinburgh was named as one of the friendliest cities in the world.

Some of Limmy’s fans couldn’t resist using the video to claim Glasgow is better than Edinburgh.


The altercation took place on one of Edinburgh's popular tourist streets
The altercation took place on one of Edinburgh’s popular tourist streets


The 13-second clip starts with one man saying ‘f****t’ to which the other replies: “Oh, so now i’m a f****t.”

The pink-shirted man then asks: “Do you want me to knock you out? I’ll knock you out, you wee p**f”.

The other man replies “make my day” before the filming ends.



Limmy, whose show Daft Wee Stories, is due to open tonight (Thu), has had 250 retweets and 550 “likes” for the clip.

@WaisterTime said: “Of course you’d never see that in Glasgow.”

@Mozza commented: “Simply a better class of person in glesga, frankly.”

@whiffen_rhona wrote: “Hell mend ye for leavin’ the safety of Glesga.”

And @markoid100 said: “Disgusting. Well, that’s Edinburgh for you. So cosmo. So much for acceptance. Get the train home!”

Edinburgh was recently voted 11th in a list of the top 20 friendliest cities in the world after a magazine polled 128,000 people for their opinions.

Scotland’s capital ranked highly thanks to its great mix of the “ancient and modern.”
Police Scotland said they were not aware of the incident being reported.