Friday, July 1, 2022
NewsTheroux flooded with doppelganger pictures

Theroux flooded with doppelganger pictures

LOUIS Theroux could be facing his weirdest weekend yet after going on a hunt for his ultimate doppelganger.

The documentary filmmaker has received thousands of selfies of Louis lookalikes from all over the world in the past 24 hours.

The 46-year-old sent out an appeal on social media yesterday urging doppelgangers to share their snaps for a chance to win tickets to his upcoming Australian tour.

A post on Louis official Facebook page read: ““Do you, or someone you know look like Louis?
“Post a pic of your Louis-look-a-like and have the chance win 2 x tickets to see the real Louis live on stage during his upcoming Australian tour.

“For those of you who don’t look like BBC’s fearless documentary film-maker and are yet to buy tickets, there are still a limited number of seats available in Melbourne and Perth.


Which one's which?
Which one’s which?


“Entry is free and entrants can enter multiple times. The prize does not include travel or accommodation, this will be at the winner’s expense.”

Thousands of photographs have been shared showing uncanny resemblances to the TV star.

One lookalike, Josh Bowler from Perth, Australia, gained attention from hundreds of followers after showcasing his almost identical resemblance.

Slouched on a sofa with the same haircut, glasses, expression and even stubble, Josh was already been highlighted as the clear winner of the competition by users.

Melissa Smyth said: “If this isn’t Louis himself, this guy’s gotta win!”

Candy Ellis Peeler wrote: “I refuse to believe that isn’t actually Louis.”

And Hafsa Qureshi said: “You’re his clone.”

The appeal even managed to attract it’s very own Scottish Louis Theroux lookalike in the form of a red-headed Glaswegian.


Some entrants weren't quite as alike as others...
Some entrants weren’t quite as alike as others…


The Scot, known only as “Alistair from Glasgow”, is shown holding his shin while staring into the camera wearing a pair of black thick rimmed glasses, similar to Theroux’s trademark specs.

His friend Kerry Rosenburgh, who submitted the image, wrote: “Scottish version of you Louis Theroux. This is Alistair from Glasgow. We are massive fans. Lots of love from Scotland.”
Many females took part in the competition with some females showing off striking similarities to the journalist.

However, several pranksters took to the post to share images of cartoon, Where’s Wally claiming they had found Louis’s ultimate doppelganger.

The end date for the competition is unknown but today has still been receiving plenty of submissions.

Louis will be live on stages across Australia next week as part of his Louis Theroux: Live on Stage tour.

Over eleven shows, the fearless film-maker will be discussing many of his past explorations into sex, drugs, death and the universe.

Previously unseen footage will also be aired for the audience to see during the two hour event.

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