Groom tied to stadium of his football team dressed in rival’s kit


A HUSBAND-to-be was ‘kidnapped’ by his mates and tied up outside the ground of his football team – dressed in the kit of their arch-rivals.

Neal Duffy was bound to a fence outside Dunfermline’s ground after being forcibly attired in the detested colours of Falkirk.

The 23-year-old, from Duloch, Fife, who is due to get married in Cyprus next month, was enjoying a golf outing with workmates when they pounced.


Even Neal's hair was sprayed in Falkirk's colours
Even Neal’s hair was sprayed in Falkirk’s colours


Neal was blindfolded before being dressed in the colours of the team he hates with his hair sprayed navy blue to match.

Neal, who works for a roughcasting company, was then bundled into a car and taken to Dunfermline’s ground.

Not content with the torment already inflicted, his “friends” had put up a banner referencing Falkirk’s nickname. It read: “Neal Duffy loves the Bairns.”

His wife to be, Danielle, was in on the prank and was the one to remove the blindfold and finally reveal what had happened, much to Neal’s horror.

Neal says there’s no chance of a Falkirk theme at the wedding but is worried that his friends will hang the banner up at the reception.


Neal is set to wed Danielle next month
Neal is set to wed Danielle next month


Neal said of his kidnap: “They kept going round roundabouts so I couldn’t tell where we were going. I had no idea what was happening. I was shaking.”

“My dad turned up from work and was driving slowly down Halbeath Road to slow the traffic up to make sure as many people saw me.

“Danielle didn’t know how I was going to take it. When she took the blindfold off I saw the banners and flag behind me and quickly got the top off and started running down the pitch with my shorts down at my ankles.

“They’ve kept the banner and are threatening to hang it up at our wedding reception at the Glen Pavilion on October 29. It was a good laugh but I’m definitely going to get revenge.”

Dunfermline and Falkirk both currently play in the Scottish Championship and are vying against each other for a return to the top-flight of Scottish football.

The towns of Dunfermline and Falkirk are just 13 miles apart, separated by the Firth of Forth.

Both clubs are similar in size and have competed against each other over the past thirty years in vital promotion and relegation battles which have helped to increase the animosity between fans.