Mum beats 400 million to 1 odds to find three four-leaf clover on same walk


A MOTHER-of-three has beaten odds of at least 400 million to one to find three four-leaf clover on the same walk.

Aileen Osborne, 43, was walking at a park nearby her house in Hawick in the Scottish Borders when she made the incredible discovery.

The mother-of-three was excited when she spotted a four-leaf clover as she walked along but couldn’t believe her eyes when she bent down to pick it up and spotted another two.

Despite frequently visiting the area, this is the first time she’s spotted the elusive good luck charms when she passed by earlier this week.


There's a much higher chance of winning the lottery than finding three four-leaf clovers
There’s a much higher chance of winning the lottery than finding three four-leaf clovers


Aileen, who works in a local arts and craft shop and insists she has no links to Ireland, says her friends and family have been stunned by her stroke of good fortune.

Her only regret is not buying a lottery ticket the same day, the odds of winning that being a relatively easy 14 million to one.

She said: “I was out on a wee walk in Hawick, by Williestruther Loch about two miles from my house. I sometimes run along there as I’ve recently done a tough mudder and like to keep fit.

“This is the first time I’ve seen any of them thought. There were three of them together by the side of the path.


Aileen made the discovery in Hawick whilst out walking
Aileen made the discovery in Hawick whilst out walking


“It was a real shock. I spotted the first one then when I bent down to pick it up, I spotted the other two. To find them all on the same walk at the same park was pretty incredible.

“All my friends have been really shocked by it but unfortunately I didn’t buy a lottery ticket.”

The first three leaves of a clover are said to represent hope, faith, love whilst the elusive fourth leaf is for luck which is why it is considered lucky to find one.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes said: “We’ve just done a bit of research and also plugged in the multiple accumulator metric. It comes out at near enough 400 million to one. 400,000,000/1.

“”Working out the likelihood of this scenario broke our calculators. It’s unheard of.”
David Knott, Curator of the Living Collection at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, examined the pictures and confirmed they were genuine four-leaf clover.

He said: “It’s about a one in 10,000 chance of finding one four leaf clover.

“So to find three is like a golfer getting three hole in ones in the same round.

“Luck is represented by the fourth leaf which is why they’re considered so lucky.

“It’s fantastic that people are keeping their eyes open for things like this when they’re out on walks.”