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NewsNobody expects the Scottish inquisition: John Cleese labelled "snobbish" after Twitter rant

Nobody expects the Scottish inquisition: John Cleese labelled “snobbish” after Twitter rant

MONTY Python actor John Cleese has been labelled “snobbish” after criticising “half-educated tenement Scots” on Twitter.

Cleese’s outburst followed an article in a London-based newspaper, written by a senior Scottish journalist who defended Sam Allardyce-style press stings.

Cleese was tweeted by a follower who asked if he had seen the article.

The comedian replied: “Why do we let half-educated tenement Scots run our English press ?”

Answering his own question, he added: “Because their craving for social status makes them obedient retainers ?”

Cleese’s tweet was met with hundreds of comments, the vast majority of which were negative.

Cleese's original tweet
Cleese’s original tweet

Scottish comedian Limmy said: “I’m Scottish come to Glasgow and try saying that to my f** face ya dirty English c***.”

Brogan Rogan Trevino wrote: “John Cleese forged a career out of playing stupid, snobbish, upper class twits. He showed real natural talent in those roles. Wonder why?”

Traquir wrote: “Wow never counted you as a xenophobe.”

Emily Borden said: “Sadly, It illustrates the disdain in which Scots are held in by the privileged.”

Another Twitter user Cleese called “a bit upper class and classless”.

An unabashed Cleese responded: “Both? That’s a remarkable achievement.

“Seriously, I’d rather have educated, cultured and intelligent people in charge. Sorry for the elitism.”

A follow-up tweet
A follow-up tweet

Defending his remarks, he continued: “It’s not casual racism, it’s considered culturalism.

“Another good question is : why are there no English journalists running Scottish newspapers. Xenophobia?”

The article that offended Cleese was written by Fraser Nelson, the editor of The Spectator, who went to school in Nairn and Dollar and studied politics and history at Glasgow University.

Limmy later waded in to criticise Cleese
Limmy later waded in to criticise Cleese

Cleese is most famous for co-founding the highly successful comedy troupe, Monty Python.

He has also had a distinguished acting career outside the group, appearing in multiple Harry Potter and James Bond films, and several major TV advertising campaigns.

Prior to reaching fame with Python in the late 1960s, he achieved success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he performed with Cambridge Footlights in 1963.

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