Facebook put downs go viral


A WOMAN’S brilliant response to a “random” who started pestering her by Facebook has gone viral.

Katie O’Hara, from Brighton, did a fantastic job of leading the unwanted social media suitor up the garden path – and then shared the results.

Katie told Azaan Ali from Pakistan that they should get married before pulling his leg about being on parole for murder and sleeping with 1,000 men.

Incredibly, Azaan refused to be put off and still asked Katie to send him pictures.
Katie uploaded 25 screenshots of the hysterical exchange with the caption: “So, you know how we all get randoms who message us declaring undying love, making our filtered messages a scary place to go?


Katie decided to have a bit of fun with her replies to her 'random' admirer
Katie decided to have a bit of fun with her replies to her ‘random’ admirer


So far, the post has received over 8,000 reactions and a further 7,500 shares and comments.

Katie, who says on Facebook that she’s an entrepreneur, explained: “I had a spare 10 minutes to blow off steam… why not?

“Read them to the end ladies, it doesn’t matter who we are or where we’ve come from – there are men out there who will love us unconditionally.”

Speaking today, Katie admitted she has been shocked by the reaction her funny responses have received on Facebook.

“I wasn’t expecting it to go viral, I just thought it’d be a laugh for my mates,” she said.


Even the filtered photos didn't put her admirer off
Even the filtered photos didn’t put her admirer off


“I think women are getting these types of messages a lot but don’t see them as they go into their filtered folder.

“He was actually quite sweet but sometimes you get quite graphic ones. I had loads of them so I just thought i’d have a bit of a giggle.

“I feel mean now but I just wanted to see what it would take to put him off.”

After telling Azaan she wants to get married, Katie asks him how many children the pair should have with just her second reply to the man she’s never met or spoken to before.

When she is told that she is moving “too fast”, Katie replies to say that her “parole officer did say to stop making rash decisions” but that when she killed someone it was only in self-defence so not technically murder – before adding she’d like “seven or eight kids”.

A slightly confused Azzan asks if she’s a “real lady” and if she’s okay but Katie puts his mind at ease and tells him not to worry because she’s using plastic cutlery now and her shrink has her on strong medication.

With his mind at ease, Azaan goes on to ask if she’d be interested to visit and marry him to which Katie replies, “100%” and adds that she’s a “47-year-old pig farmer with a third nipple”.

Still not deterred by these revelations, the man from Pakistan asks how she will visit to which she responds with the lyrics from Oleta Adams’ famous song ‘Get Here’ and says she can reach him by mind, caravan, or crossing the desert like “an Arab man”.

Clearly besotted, Azaan asks for pictures to which Katie sends him altered versions that show her with massive eyes and tells him she’s slept with 962 men and had seven previous marriages.

The exchange ends as Katie lists her various spoof traits and asks why he’s still interested to which Azaan tells her there’s “no problem” so long as she’s willing to relocate and become Muslim.

Katie eventually thanks him for chatting as Azaan tells her to “be happy” and that he’ll “wait”, before sending through a selection selfies.

Facebook users found the messages hilarious, with Ruth Barker- Magowan writing: “Katie that is so funny – me and my husband had a right snort at that!”

Shagla Breen said: “Too funny! I love this.”

Whilst Niki Cunningham added: “This has made me chuckle.”