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NewsSix-wheeler Mini, once used by The Beatles, yours for £30,000

Six-wheeler Mini, once used by The Beatles, yours for £30,000

A ONE-OF-A-KIND Mini Cooper, rumored to have been used by The Beatles could be yours for just £30,000.

The unique six wheeler Mini limousine that has links with the most well-known rock and roll band of all time has been placed on the market by the son of the former owner of the famous Raleigh bikes brand.

The eye-catching limo is being sold by it’s designer Peter Jones who rebuilt the car from scratch 6 years ago.

Mr Jones with his Mini Limo

The 75-year-old, who lives in Guernsey, advertised his cherished Mini on eBay despite promising to never sell it.

The car was originally designed and built by himself during his time owning the Sandringham Motor Company.

Talking about his creation Peter said: “During the Sandringham Six development period, we thought it would be great publicity to produce a one off professionally built six wheel Mini Limo. It is beautifully built and very unique.”

The six wheel mini will set you back £30,000
The six wheel mini will set you back £30,000

After using the car as his daily driver for a number of years, Peter was talked into selling it, but quickly lost track of where it went.

“I was persuaded to sell the car to a person who, I was told at the time, provided vehicles for stars such as The Beatles and later I was told it had in fact been used by them, but I did not get any photo proof.”

“I then lost contact with the car for maybe 20 years, and I received a call from someone who knew I had built the car. He said he had seen the car, which was in a rusty state, in a scrap yard and offered to tell me where it was for a fee.”

“I agreed and left immediately with my transporter to collect it. It was in a very sad state.”

Although the Mini was in very sorry state, Peter set about restoring it to its former glory, but the rebuild didn’t come cheap.

Peter said: “I bought two new body shells from British Leyland Heritage and also a complete new engine, gearbox and all the other parts to rebuild it as a new car. The result is staggering.

With the cost at over £25,000, I now have a beautiful new six wheel Mini limo.”

It was rebuilt by Mr Jones 6 years ago
It was rebuilt by Mr Jones 6 years ago

The former engineer’s love for mechanics began from a young age after being inspired by his father who would repair push bikes.

After noticing a gap in the market his father decided to offer his services to local miners and repair their bikes too.

He then went on to design his own push bike and motorbike before selling the business which would later become the world-renowned Raleigh company.

Peter, who is now in his late 70’s, has decided to part with his beloved car as he now spends most of his time on the water.

“As I am now in my late 70’s and spend a great deal of time on my boat in Palma, Mallorca, I have decided to let the Mini go.

“Hopefully, it will go to someone who will love it as much as I do. It has been a great challenge and experience to build it again.”

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