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NewsMorrisions admit "rookie" error over new Scottie dog cake

Morrisions admit “rookie” error over new Scottie dog cake

MORRISONS have admitted making a “rookie mistake” after being told their “Sam the Scottie dog” cake actually looks like a West Highland Terrier.

The supermarket giants new 3D design shows a small white pooch with small pointed ears, a black button nose and floppy fringe – typical characteristics of a Westie.

But the supermarket have branded the cake, covered in white icing, as a Scottie dog despite the lack of large ears, a large pointed snout and iconic bushy beard associated with the breed.

Alongwith with covered eyes and sticking out tongue, the edible pup is wearing a tartan tie.
Customer Claire Caballero called Morrison’s out on the error yesterday (THUR) after spotting the £10 celebration cake at a branch in Edinburgh.

She took to Facebook to informed Morrisons of the sighting, writing: “Love the new cake Morrisons, except you do realise this is a Westie and not a Scottie don’t you? Scotties are black.”


The cake appeared on the supermarket giant's website
The cake appeared on the supermarket giant’s website


A Morrison’s rep, known as Joe, immediately responded writing: “Oh wow, what a rookie mistake Claire. I’ll let our buyer know about this. Thanks for pointing it out to us.”

Another customer weighed into the post, writing: “You can get white Scotties too although the design does look more Westie.”

Last month a Westie owner from Ipswich, Suffolk contacted the company about the same cake but received a very different response.

Tasha Collins wrote: “My dog, Caesar, was very distressed to see a cake that looked like him but unfortunately got his breed wrong. The cake is clearly that of a westie however you call it a Scotty dog.

“This mix up happens all time, but no-one seems to understand how a poor white West Highland terrier can get very upset when called a Scottish terrier which is black.”

The customer services rep who replied to Tasha seemed to know her stuff when it comes to dogs, saying: “Scottie dogs most commonly are black but they do also come in Wheaten – an off white colour.”

West Highland Terriers and Scottie dogs both hail from Scotland, are similar in type and were originally were bred for vermin hunting.

Westies usually have a two inch white double coat and possess a black button nose and pointed erect ears.

Unlike the Westie, Scottie dogs come in different colors, black, brown and more rarely, wheaten – a straw like, off-white colour.

They are also known to have larger noses than westies.

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