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NewsFantasy football failure punished by pals

Fantasy football failure punished by pals

A FANTASY football failure was humiliated by his pals – who made him play the clarinet in public while dressed as a “sexy” nun.

Dave Rawlinson gave his public performance surrounded by placards pronouncing his dismal performance as a virtual football manager and branding him a “disgrace”.

Hilarious video of Dave’s humiliation shows the bearded graduate wearing a crucifix , nun’s habit and stockings, playing the theme tune from Mission Impossible.

With hundreds of people around him next to the Arndale Centre, Manchester, he bobs to the music and barely misses a note, reading sheet music from a book on a red music stand.

In front of him, a cardboard sign reads: “This is my punishment for losing last year’s fantasy football league.”

Another sign, place on a container that appears to be for donations, states: “Do not give me money, I am a disgrace.”




After Rawlinson finishes his rendition, he lifts his sheet music to acknowledge the crowd, and receives a rapturous applause.

Dave, 27, said: “We normally have a fantasy football league set up every year. We arranged the punishment beforehand, it was something like, either have the name of your team tattooed or perform something on market street in fancy dress.

“I’ve played the clarinet since I was nine, but yes, of course it was embarassing, people were videoing me and I haven’t really touched the clarinet in about eight years!”

When asked exactly how bad he had done in the fantasy league, Dave simply replied: “Very. I put De Gea in, Barkley and Martial and auto-completed.”

Dave in action, Credit: Callum Darbyshire
Dave in action, Credit: Callum Darbyshire

David’s friend Robbie Storey, who recorded the footage, says that Dave will be avoiding a further punishment next year, after failing to sign up to the league.

He said: “Unfortunately this year Dave disgraced himself once again and didn’t register for the league in time, no doubt due to a heavy drinking session the night before.

“It was a disappointment to us all. We gave him weeks/months notice and all called him multiple times on the morning of the deadline, but he didn’t wake up in time. Classic Dave.”

“Last year, he was cut adrift pretty early on. We play in a head to head league, so whenever anyone saw they were playing Dave, they knew it was an easy three points.”

Robbie added that he was also a little underwhelmed at Dave’s clarinet skills, given he had 18 years of experience behind him.

He said: “You’d think he’d have been a bit better at it. But that added to the charm.”


David’s performance has been met with a warm response on social media.

On Facebook, Bethany Sarah wrote: “I actually nearly weed from laughing so much!”

Marc Jowett said: “This brightened up my weekend Dave.”

Kayleigh Ohagan stated: “Proud to be a Mancunian!”

An image of the performance was also liked by over 2,000 people.

Dave himself then chimed in to express satisfaction with his skills, writing: “I’m going to join the Philharmonic orchestra.”

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