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NewsMoment MacAskill faceplants in mountain bike mishap

Moment MacAskill faceplants in mountain bike mishap

HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment that mountain biking sensation Danny MacAskill landed on his face while attempting a trick for his latest video.

In a clip posted on MacAskill’s Twitter account last night, the Scot can be seen in a wood, trying to complete a backwards roll on his bike.

After spending around 20 seconds steadying himself for the trick, MacAskill appears to lose balance when he leans backwards.

Part way through the roll, he slows down and faceplants the ground whilst still sitting on his bike seat.

The biker then lies on the ground in an awkward position for several seconds, before turning his head to the camera to show that he is alright.

As MacAskill starts the trick

The footage was shot as part of MacAskill’s latest video, ‘Wee Day Out’, which was released on Youtube last week.

A successfully completed shot of the trick can be seen in the video, which features MacAskill riding and landing tricks all over the Scottish countryside.

The 6 minute film has been met with a superb critical response and amassed almost 3 million online views since its release, but MacAskill has admitted that parts of it took hundreds of attempts to perfect.

Part way through the roll
Part way through the roll

In an interview last week, MacAskill said: “I’m always setting the bar very high for my own riding.

“I’ll turn up on location for the day and it will often take me hundreds of attempts to get the riding right.

“It’s definitely very mentally challenging.”

The rider posted the footage on Twitter last night with the caption: “Well you have to start somewhere… Worked out in the end though.”

He then lands on his face.
He then lands on his face.

Fans on social media praised the rider for showing his human side in the clip, and demonstrating the graft required to make an excellent film.

On Twitter, Bruce MacGregor wrote: “Very good! That’s given me something more realistic to aim for!”

@Pedalnorth said: “Practice makes perfect comes to mind Danny.”

Derek Mitchell said: “Now that’s a trick i can do.”

Gene Arnold wrote: “Dude it was a killer movie and that move was so great! Love watching your videos!”

MacAskill, originally from the Isle of Skye, reached popular acclaim in 2009 after releasing a Youtube video of him completing street tricks on his bike.

He gave up his job as a mechanic, and began riding and filming full-time.

In his other videos, he showcases a variety of Scottish landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Road Bridge and the Cruachan Dam.

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