Wednesday, August 17, 2022
NewsSunbathing pooch causes sensation in Scots town

Sunbathing pooch causes sensation in Scots town

A FEARLESS pooch has taken to sunbathing on a roof 30ft above a busy high street.

The antics of the black labrador have made it a minor celebrity in the seaside town of North Berwick, East Lothian.

A recent picture shows the dog peering over the edge of the roof, three storeys up, at passers-by in the high street below.

It is understood the pet is allowed out of a window in a turret above the roof, where on good days it spends hours basking in the sun.

The daring pooch perched on the roof
The daring pooch perched on the roof

Although the dog obviously has a head for heights some locals have expressed concern that pedestrians could be seriously hurt if it were ever to fall.

One worried resident, Debbie Halbert, photographed the dog and posted the image on a local social media group.

She wrote: “Be very careful of falling dogs at 90 High Street! Poor thing imagine if it fell! Shocking to leave it up there!”

But other residents assured Debbie that the sight was perfectly “normal”.

Robert Lockhart said: “He’s lived there with labs for around 20 years and none have jumped off yet.”

Donna Learmonth suggested several dogs had got into the roof sunbathing habit. She wrote: “The dogs are out regularly on the roof. Don’t think they are in any danger though.”

And Judy Lockhart commented: “Everything bad only needs to happen once but those dogs have been there all of my life that I remember and that once hasn’t happened to date…”

Gillian Emslie was among those worried by the dog’s presence.

She wrote: “A dog that size, travelling at that downward velocity, could easily crack your skull and/or break your neck.”

Pat Morris said: “Sorry – but NOT responsible – and should be stopped. I don’t care if owner says it is ‘used to it; – it is far far too dangerous.”

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