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NewsPolice Scotland investigating misconduct - by one of its horses

Police Scotland investigating misconduct – by one of its horses

POLICE Scotland is investigating serious misconduct following Sunday’s Old firm clash – by one of its horses.

A police horse took fright as fans streamed towards the match and jumped a fence into a nearby garden where its hooves badly churned up the grass.

Photographs show the startled equine standing in the garden, complete with rider, and a series of deep hoof marks in the turf.

Angry residents are demanding an explanation from Police Scotland and warning that the force may have to shell out for a gardener to fix the damage.


The police horse ended up in someone's garden
The police horse ended up in someone’s garden


The incident happened in Aikenhead Road – the same street where 11-year-old Rangers fan was Kraig Mackay was hit by a bottle thrown by a Celtic supporter.

Ross McKenna, 34, lives in the ground-floor flat with his partner and infant son, and only learned about the incident later that night.

He said: “I was in the living room, which is at the back of the house, completely oblivious to it, I didn’t know it had even happened.

“It wasn’t until later that night that I got a text from a friend with the photo of the horse standing in the garden.

“I seen the large holes and dents on the lawn and wondered where they had come from.”
Mr McKenna, who is planning to make a formal complaint to the force, said: “From what I understand there was a coming together between the fans on the road in front and I think maybe the horse got a fright and jumped in to the garden.”

“There are hoof marks all over the lawn but I haven’t had chance to look at the damage properly yet. I’m not sure if I’ll need a gardener to come in and repair the damage.

“So far I’ve had no contact from the police about it.”


The damage left in McKenna's garden
The damage left in McKenna’s garden


Mr McKenna said the horse was standing beside the front window where his baby normally sleeps.

“Luckily the baby wasn’t in there at the time, but if the horse had maybe kicked out it could have kicked the window.”

The picture of the horse has attracted dozens of comments online. One asked: “At what point did police think riding a horse into some poor soul’s front garden was necessary to deal with fans at today’s game?”

Katie Ferguson joked: “He needs to get off his high horse. Neigh chance police should act like this.”

Katy McDaid added: “How raging would ye be though if ye looked oot yer windae and the polis were in yer garden!”

Justin Dee said: “That’s outrageous!! Lol Only in Glasgow would that kinda thing be allowed”

Sarah Robinson commented: “If that was my garden I would soon tell him to get off my property! Imagine if that horse s**t in the garden? Highly doubt they would pick it up!”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “The horse seems to have got spooked. Currently we haven’t had a complaint from the home owner, but the Mounted Unit are looking in to what happened.”

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