Saturday, August 13, 2022
NewsJustin Bieber left confused by conversation with Scotsman

Justin Bieber left confused by conversation with Scotsman

HILARIOUS footage of a bizarre conversation between a Scotsman and pop superstar Justin Bieber has emerged online.

The Canadian singing sensation is filmed perched on the top of a wall and looking into the distance.

A car driver slows to a crawl and asks Bieber in a broad Scottish accent: “What’s happening Justin son? You just hanging out?”

The surreal, eight-second clip ends with a confused-looking Bieber glancing down at the camera and asking: “What?”


The popstar wasn't sure what had been said to him
The popstar wasn’t sure what had been said to him


Before the car drives off a voice says: “F*** aye man.”

Bieber is in Scotland to perform at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow as part of his ‘Purpose’ world tour.

The video was uploaded to Twitter yesterday by Keith Annandale who wrote: “Just spoken to Justin Bieber in Kinross.”

Keith, apparently unimpressed by his close encounter with the pop A-lister, added: “The man’s a f*****g gimp.”

The video has already attracted over 8,000 likes and favourites and countless comments.
Bieber, whose sell-out run at the Hydro ended last night, is renting a mansion in Kinross to relax between shows.



In the video, the 22-year-old singer is dressed casually in a beanie hat, black sweatshirt, jogging bottoms and red trainers, as a queue of traffic passes by.

Twitter users were quick to react to the unusual video.

Michael Keicher wrote: “Bet he doesn’t have a clue what you’re saying.”

Greg Masterton commented: “No way haha. I was up all day. Walked around the place about ten times.”

Flynn Mush said: “This is literally pure gold mate.”

But fellow user Tasha was less impressed and added: “Leave JB alone! Sitting there minding his business and you have to tape him.”

Bieber has played to packed out crowds at the SSE Hydro over recent nights, donning tartan trousers and a Glasgow t-shirt in the process.

The star is also said to have tried deep-fried haggis, chips and Irn-Bru during his stay in Scotland.

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