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NewsBiker pulls off incredible 15ft leap across Scottish Parliament pond

Biker pulls off incredible 15ft leap across Scottish Parliament pond

INCREDIBLE footage of a man pulling off a seemingly impossible bike stunt at the Scottish Parliament has emerged online.

The unknown daredevil manages to haul his stationary bike up and through the air across one of the 15ft-wide ponds at the front of Holyrood.

In scenes reminiscent of Danny MacAskill’s recent ‘A Wee Day Out’ video, the stuntman performs a ‘wheelie’ before jumping across the water.

He looks certain not to make the 4.5m leap and seems destined to end up wet, however he somehow manages to make it across to dry land.


The incredible stunt was pulled off right outside the Scottish Parliament
The incredible stunt was pulled off right outside the Scottish Parliament


The footage, entitled “Bike stunt at parly” was filmed this summer in Edinburgh and has amazed social media users who were sure he was about to land in the shallow water.

The 15-second clip has been viewed over 35,000 times and starts as the man, dressed in a blue t-shirt and checked shorts, keeps the bike stationary, holding a ‘wheelie’ whilst perched on a ledge above the water below.

After a couple of quick hops on the back wheel, he flings himself and the bike up into the air and over the water.

The slow-motion video shows him strain every sinew as he attempts to reach the other side, however, he appears destined to drop into the water.



The back wheel rapidly drops towards the pond below, and even seconds before he lands the stunt, it still looks like he’ll miss dry land.

Somehow, the back wheel thumps into the ledge at the other side as the rider’s torso crumbles towards the back wheel.

He then manages to haul himself back up out of the seat and flick the frame forward so that’s he’s on two wheels for the first time in the clip, before cycling off, as another stunned stuntman watches on in the background.

One social media user commented: “Even though I read the title, I still thought he wasn’t going to make it.”

And another wrote: “Pretty sure I couldn’t even make that jump on foot.”

The ponds outside the Scottish Parliament have been a topic of debate since it opened with temporary safety barriers being erected back in 2006 to stop people falling in.
A visitor to Holyrood suffered broken ribs after falling into one of the ponds as they read a text message whilst one elderly man stepped into one after he’d got out of a taxi.

The daredevil leap strikes instant comparisons with Danny MacAskill’s recent stunt video, ‘A Wee Day Out’, in which he performs various incredible tricks on his bike in some of Scotland’s most stunning locations.

Since his first tricks video went viral in 2009, the Scottish trails rider has amassed more than 128 million YouTube views.

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