Is Daniel the world’s best boyfriend?


A SCOT has been branded the “world’s best boyfriend” after giving his partner a birthday card showing a puppy – he had secretly bought for her birthday.

Claire Halleran opened the card on her 21st birthday and “burst into tears” when she realised the gorgeous puppy pictured was her new pet.

The sociology student from Glasgow is mad about pugs and thought at first the picture was just a kind gesture by boyfriend Daniel Smith.

Little did she know that Daniel, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, had been working on his plan for months and had actually bought a pug puppy which was ready to visit on the big day.


Daniel decided to surprise Claire with the pug she'd always wanted for her 21st
Daniel decided to surprise Claire with the pug she’d always wanted for her 21st


Daniel, 20, then whisked Claire off to the breeder in Falkirk to see her pet. However, she will have to wait two weeks before bringing Dwight home.

The romantic gesture has gone down a storm on social media after Claire tweeted a picture of the card with the caption “World’s best boyfriend”.

The cute card has a picture of six-week old Dwight sprawled out on a rug and inside a touching message reads: “Claire, I know how happy the picture on the front of this card will make you.

“So I hope you’ll be even happier to know that he’s yours. As soon as you are ready we can go and visit him!

“Lots of love, Daniel.”


The happy couple have been going out for over six years
The happy couple have been going out for over six years


Speaking about her birthday surprise, Claire said: “I just burst out crying. I didn’t expect it at all.

“I’ve not stopped talking about pugs for years, we are going to visit the puppy today and we’ll get him home in two weeks because he’s only six weeks old.”

Claire also revealed she has the name of her new pug planned out and is going to name him after a character from the American version of The Office.

She continued: “I’m thinking Dwight after the character from the The Office because we always said that’s what we would call a pug if we had one.”

Romantic Daniel also revealed the plan has been months in the making and said: “Claire has been talking about wanting a pug for the last three or four years and her dad always joked that he would get one for her once she moves out.

“I knew all the family wanted a dog and Claire wanted a pug especially so I told her mum and dad in June time how I was thinking about getting Claire the pug for her 21st. They loved the idea and gave me the go ahead.

“Since then I’ve just been talking with different breeders and saving some money each month, keeping her mum involved as much as possible until the big reveal”

Unsurprisingly, the tweet was met with a large reaction from fellow users, with many girls taking the opportunity to tag their boyfriends in the hope that they might match Daniel’s high standards.

@RachK15 wrote: “Oh my god! That is so cute.”

@rachelbell5991 commented: “Oh my god, this is amazing! Happy birthday beautiful!”

Whilst @Ninaconlan_ wrote: “It’s Christmas soon you know. Get me a dog Jord.”

And @paulamadeira_ added: “Oh my god, it’s my birthday soon…”