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NewsScotsman 'does a Limmy' and shouts in street whilst naked

Scotsman ‘does a Limmy’ and shouts in street whilst naked

A SCOTSMAN has ‘done a Limmy’ after bizarre footage of him shouting and swearing whilst naked in a quiet residential street emerged online.

The clip has been likened to a famous Limmy Show sketch in which a half-dressed dad wanders the streets shouting: “She’s turned the weans against me.”

In the real-life version, which appeared on social media yesterday (SUN), the man has gone even further, appearing completely naked in the street.

The odd video shows the man angrily screaming, with just his trousers and pants round his ankles, as bemused motorists drive past.




At one point the man sits down on a speed bump before getting up to jump around with nothing to cover his modesty.

The 45-second video, thought to have been filmed in the Glasgow area, was uploaded yesterday (SUN) by Instagram user, Daryl Gaughan, with the caption: “This guy’s had the weans turned against him.”

The footage has already been viewed over 3,000 times and is filmed from an upstairs window which looks out onto the street.

It starts as the naked man, who appears nonsensical, sits down cross-legged on a red speed bump.

He points upwards and shouts: “F*****g hell, I don’t blame you.” He then looks left, down the quiet street and seems to scream: “Dafties,” at the top of his voice.

His mumbles then become hard to hear but are interjected by loud yells of: “F*****g hell.”

As he stands up again, he shuffles slightly to the left before spinning around and holding both arms in the air.

A white van drives past as the man appears to shout: “F*****g hell,” at the driver.

He then waves his arms at his sides as he bunny hops over the speed bump he’d previously been sitting on.

It thensounds like he shouts: “You’re f*****g preggers.” Laughter can be heard from behind the camera as a queue of traffic starts to build behind the man.

The worrying footage ends as pedestrians run along the pavement away from the man and the blinds from behind which the video is filmed close.

Instagram users were stunned by the incredible clip.

One user simply said: “Oh my god.”

Whilst the others all replied with an emoticon to show they were crying with laughter.

“She’s turned the weans against us,” is one of the most quoted sketches from popular Scots comedy, ‘Limmy’s Show’.

In it, an exasperated and dishevelled man storms up a street in a housing estate with his arms by his sides as he shouts about his ex-wife turning his children against him.

The BBC series is written by and stars Scottish funnyman, Brian Limond, and features various sketches involving recurring characters.

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