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In BriefTop Scots uni forced to set up traps after hungry mouse stole...

Top Scots uni forced to set up traps after hungry mouse stole students gingerbread man

A TOP Scottish university has set up poisonous mouse traps after a hungry rodent stole a student’s gingerbread man.

Edinburgh University installed several traps around their central library earlier this week to tackle an ongoing rodent infestation.

Several students have reported mice sightings over recent months with some even claiming it is putting them off returning to the library.


Edinburgh University library Credit: Wikicommons/Remi Mathis

One student even reported that one cheeky mouse stole his Cafe Nero gingerbread man – leaving just teeth marks behind.

Fed up university staff have now taken matters into their own hands by placing traps behind hiding spots and printers in the 1967 building in a bid to catch the pesky thieves.

Third year psychology student Aiden Bushnell told university website The Tab he had a biscuit pinched from his jacket pocket by one of the mice.

He said: ‘I had just bought the gingerbread man from Cafe Nero and was going to eat it after I’d done some work. Then when I went to take it from my pocket, I found that it was almost gone.

“What was left was covered in bite marks.

“There’s already enough stress at the moment with essay deadlines. The last thing I need is mice stealing my food.”

Since hearing the news Social Policy and Law student, Polly Smythe said: “Wow now we can leave our mouse infested flat and go to the mouse infested library.”

International Business student, Gillian Purdie said: “I can’t use the library now, feart.”

And Sustainable Development student Eve Redhead said: “Nowhere is safe.”

It’s unknown whether the recent influx of mice has been the result Edinburgh University’s very own library cat Jordan going missing.

The black and white moggy, owned by friars at the university’s Catholic Dominican chaplaincy, hasn’t been spotted since March after spending most days basking on a chair at the library.

Two weeks ago a ginger puss, dubbed Library Cat 2.0, began hanging around Jordan’s old spot and has been dubbed as its replacement.

Edinburgh University have faced problems with mice in the past and last year had to bring in exterminators to deal with the same problem in a separate building.

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