Saturday, August 13, 2022
NewsTop Scots Tory says Trump supporters like Yes backers

Top Scots Tory says Trump supporters like Yes backers

A SCOTTISH Tory has been widely criticised for comparing Trump supporters with voters who backed the Yes campaign.

Murdo Fraser MSP tweeted: “If it was mostly poorly-educated working-class males who voted Trump, isn’t that the same demographic that largely voted Yes in 2014?”

The question was immediately met with a barrage of criticism from angry followers.

Murdo Fraser's tweet
Murdo Fraser’s tweet


Lindsay Bruce asked: “What’s the demographic for Brexit which your party caused over a leadership spat?”

Bill Melvin replied: “How you ever get elected into our parliament is beyond my understanding!”

The response to Murdo Fraser's tweet
The response to Murdo Fraser’s tweet

A user known as the ‘Lisbon Lion’ commented: “Quite the opposite in my experience but don’t let attention seeking get in the way of the truth.”

Hen Broon wrote: “That is low and sad stuff even from an unelected Tory loser. Always licking p*sh from the nettles Fraser.”

Whilst Alan Templeton added: “You keep plumbing the depths of ignorance Murdo.”

It’s not the first time the party’s former deputy leader has made a Twitter faux pas.

Earlier this year, he sparked outrage after an Old Firm derby when he tweeted that the Rangers victory was a “perfect birthday present” for the Queen.

Following Rangers’ 5-4 win on penalties, he tweeted: “Rangers 5 Celtic 4 – The Queen’s 11 deliver Her Majesty the perfect Birthday present #ScottishCup #GSTQ.”

Murdo Fraser
Murdo Fraser

In June this year, there were calls for him to apologise after a tweet he sent referred to the National Union of Students as “bigots”.

SNP MSP, George Adam, slammed the tweet at the time, saying it was a “completely unacceptable tweet” and needed to be retracted.

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