Wednesday, August 17, 2022
In Brief“His frankfurter does some distance" - watch the moment Scot takes an...

“His frankfurter does some distance” – watch the moment Scot takes an epic tumble at Wembley Stadium

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Scotsman tripped at Wembley Stadium, launching his hot dog in the air and covering himself in beer.

Steven Sneddon was left battered and bruised after his tumble at last Friday’s Scotland vs England football match.

The short clip, filmed by another Scottish fan at the game, shows the football fan from Dunfermline, Fife, cheering and smiling for the camera while wearing a kilt and Glengarry.

As he turns to pose for the camera, the 50-year-old’s wife Jennifer can be heard telling him “watch your step”.

Within seconds Steven is shown losing his balance as he falls backwards, desperately trying to clutch onto his £5 hot dog and £5 pint – both untouched – before finally planting himself between rows of red seats.

Steven’s hotdog flies 6ft before landing in the row behind while his entire pint lands all over him.

Jennifer, who has also donned a kilt for the game, comes back into view as she casually walks over to her husbands aid as he lies on the ground in his kilt.

Steven said it wasn’t until the next morning, when the drinks had worn off, that he felt the after effects from his fall.

Steven had “one or two” before taking the disastrous tumble.

Speaking on Wednesday he said: “I actually forgot about it until the next morning and realised I was a bit sore.

“We had been to a bar next door but it was really expensive so we decided to leave and get to our seats and get a pint and hot dog there.

“We had just snuck past the stewards to get into our seats and then the guy shouted smile.”

Steven, who admits he’d had “one or two”, “My wife Jennifer was in front and the first thing she said was watch your step.

“Then next thing I came off the step and ended up in between the seats. The hot dog flew in the air and I was just thinking, that pint’s coming right over me, and it did. I was rather wet to say the least.”

The hilarious clip, which was uploaded to the Casual Saturdays website by the unknown cameraman, has gone viral on social media with more than 13,000 views on Facebook and hundreds of retweets on Twitter.

Writing on Twitter, Sean Strangwick said: “His frankfurter does some distance.”

And Dumbarton FC footballer Gregor Buchanan wrote: “Legend.”

Seeing the funny side of the comments, Steven responded: “Thank feck I was pissed #onmya***.”

Another friend, Davy Crowe, took to Facebook, writing: “How much was your beer & hotdog Stevie Sned’s? It was worth every pound spent just to see this. You bloody plonker. What a walloper. So funny.”

To continue Steven’s bad luck, Scotland were beaten 3-0 against England.

Daniel Sturridge netted the first goal in the 25th minute followed by a second half goal from Adam Lallana and third goal by Gary Cahill in the 61st minute.

The win will be a boost for England’s chances of going through the qualifying stages as they started and finished the evening at the top of Group F.

Steven added: “Despite everything I did enjoy the game. I was a bit emotional after but up to the stage that it was 2-0 I was confident that Scotland could pull through.

“We played well enough but when the third goal was in I couldn’t take anymore. I’d had enough.”


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