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NewsHow Waitrose do Black Friday - Krug down from £195 to just...

How Waitrose do Black Friday – Krug down from £195 to just £165

WAITROSE are the butt of online jokes yet again after offering well-heeled customers a very upper class “sale” item.

A photograph showed a bottle of Krug champagne with the price cut from £195 to a still not particularly affordable £165.

The snap of the 75cl Brut Krug Rose has now gone viral and prompted hundreds of scornful online comments.

The photo was taken by a shopper called Nathan at a Waitrose store in Southsea, Portsmouth and posted with the simple caption: “Reduced to clear!”


The price was reduced by £30 but still priced at £165
The price was reduced by £30 but still priced at £165


Nathan said: “As a recently divorced bachelor, I was wandering around Southsea’s Waitrose with my usual bachelor basket.

“When I had finished loading up with obscure bottles of craft ale, essential Borlotti beans and pimento stuffed olives, I perused the reduced wine section only to find a lonely bottle of Krug Champagne with the sign “reduced to clear”.

“The inference of the sign was that of a bargain and that the manager of the store having already slashed a hefty £30 off the RRP price reduced the bottle to a much more palatable £165.

“Sadly I had to settle for Waitrose’s own champagne at around £28 per bottle which surprisingly is not in their essential range as of yet.”

The bargain was shared on Facebook yesterday evening and has since been liked over 3,500 times and amassed over 1,000 comments and shares from amused users.

Sian Williams commented: “I love a good bargain. I’ll just nip right out and get one shall I?”

Robin Warden wrote: “Think about how many bottles of Thunderbird you could get for that…”

Alec Williams replied: “If I wanted wine I’d buy some Buckfast.”

Charly Rabbitt joked: “Yes. No more licking expired Babycham off a dead rat in a public toilet for me!”

Nikki Berriman wrote: “I’ll have two. I’m sure I’ve got some loose change in the bottom of my handbag!”

Whilst Nick Daniels added: “Damn! I just bought a bottle of Cava at full price! It was only six quid, mind.”

Krug Champagne dates from 1843 when it was founded by Joseph Krug.

The firm is based in Reims, the main city in France’s champagne region and is one of the most famous champagne houses that formed part of the Grand Marques, a classification system used for vinyards.

A Waitrose spokeswoman said: “’We sell a wide range of food and drink to suit different occasions – it’s nice to see people having a bit of fun here.”

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