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NewsSir Chris Hoy slams kids racing documentary because kids aren't having fun

Sir Chris Hoy slams kids racing documentary because kids aren’t having fun

SIR CHRIS HOY has slammed a Channel 4 documentary about child motorsport prodigies because nobody on the show encourages them to have fun.

‘0 to 60mph: Britain’s Fastest Kids’ aired yesterday evening (SUN) and follows three families, whose young children are aiming to become Formula 1 stars.

But six-time Olympic champion Sir Chris, who began his own motorsport career after retiring from cycling three years ago, has criticised the advice given on the show.

In the programme, one dad can be heard calling his son, aged eight, a “f*****g idiot” after he crashes mid-race.

Sir Chris was late for his radio interview
Sir Chris

The same father says to his son after the race: “What are you doing? How many mistakes are you making per lap? You have to be braver.”

Writing on Twitter, Hoy said: “Watching #BritainsFastestKids documentary on ChanneL 4. For all the advice the kids keep getting, nobody’s reminding them to just have fun.”

Sir Chris’s sentiment was then echoed by two-time Olympic cycling champion Philip Hindes, who wrote: “There is more pressure on them than in an Olympic final.”

Others were quick to agree with the two cycling legends.

Nick Oztrazine wrote: “Well said Chris, Bit depressing to watch really.”

Debbie Beale replied: “I really can’t believe how horrific and embarrassing some of the dads are on this show!”

Another user called Leigh added: “It’s adults living their lives through their children.”

However, other tweeters criticised Sir Chris for watching the show instead of tuning in to see fellow Scot Andy Murray play Novak Djokovic in the tennis World Tour Finals.

Murray eventually won the match 6-3 6-4, to maintain his world number one ranking.

Belinda Moore, former Head of Athlete Engagement at the British Olympic Association wrote on Twitter: “You really should be watching the tennis and watching the fastest kids doc on catch-up.”

Whilst @Casper10666 said: “You should be watching Andy Murray’s game.”

Ryan Kenneth added: “Get the tennis on, Murray is flying.”

Hoy took up motorsport after retiring from cycling in 2013.

He completed the 24 hour of Le Mans race earlier this year and has also competed in the British GT Championships and the European Le Mans series.

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