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NewsScots seething at Sweden's 2000 calorie supersnack

Scots seething at Sweden’s 2000 calorie supersnack

SCOTS are seething after discovering that Swedes have invented an artery-bursting snack even more deadly than the deep-fried Mars bar.

The Nordic nation enjoys a wholesome image as the land of Abba, smorgasbord and social justice but a dietary dark side has now emerged.

A monster dish called a calskrove is a calzone – a folded-over pizza – with a burger and chips plus extra ham for good measure tucked inside.

The calskrove contains up to 2,000 calories, making it far worse than the 1,200 calories in a deep-fried Mars bar and chips. Northern Swedes dreamed up the dish as a solution for drinkers torn between eating pizza or burger and chips.

A calskgrove
A calskgrove

And after a picture of a calskrove was shared on social media site Reddit, outraged Scots warned they risked being “out-deep-fried” by Swedes.

Reddit user TheColinous posted an image of the Swedish dish on Reddit’s Scotland page, with the caption: “This is outrageous. This is a Swedish thing – not a Scottish one. We’re being out-deepfried-pizzad by the Swedes!”

User HailSatanLoveHaggis then suggested armed resistance, writing: “We could invade Sweden for this, right?”

The_oncoming_storm replied: “We should invade Reddit Sweden at the very least, but I’m scared. I’m not sure we possess a deep fried weapon as powerful as this.”

One Scot proposed Scotland should attempt to better the Swedes’ creation, saying: “Seriously, we can’t stand for this. I’m away to make a calzone out of a haggis supper and a block of cheddar, then I’m going to deep fry the s*** out the b******.”

Amongtheviolets expressed admiration with the calskrove, stating: “I don’t fully understand what I’m seeing, but I want to bite it.”

The calskgrove is a Northern Swedish speciality as is sold for about £8. The colossal calorie count is made up of about 1,300 for the calzone, 400 for the chips and 300 for the burger.

Calskgrove, which translates as “calzone big meal”, was invented a few years ago in the Swedish town of Skelleftea as the ultimate solution for people choosing between hamburgers and pizzas after a night out drinking.

A spokesman for the Swedish embassy in London, said: “Swedes are in general innovative, and with food being a big interest for many, new exciting dishes of all sorts is [sic] likely to continue to pop up.

“This is however not a challenge, rather I hope that we can continue to learn from and inspire one another.

“The Swedish culinary spectrum is extremely broad, and it does include deep fried mars bars. Though it should be noted that it is not usually the preferred sweet for a fika [a sweet dish, eaten with coffee], the classic cinnamon bun for instance is still a much more widespread complement.”

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