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“Collect yer maw” – Scot’s hilarious pic of woman who fell asleep on him on train

A SCOT pleaded for someone to “collect their maw” after a stranger fell asleep on him whilst he travelled on public transport.

Euan McMillan, from Bathgate, West Lothian, was travelling on the Glasgow Subway last Friday when he suffered a public transport nightmare as the woman sitting next to him nodded off on his shoulder.

The startled 20-year-old managed to snap two selfies with the sleeping woman as she slipped from his shoulder to his chest.


Euan's tweet quickly went viral
Euan’s tweet quickly went viral


He uploaded the photos to Twitter with the caption: “Somebody want to collect their maw? Been sleeping on me for 15 mins on the Subway.”

His hilarious tweet has gone viral, picking up over 18,000 likes and retweets as well as countless comments from fellow users reacting to the subway sleeper.

His first photo shows the woman with her eyes tightly shut and the back of her head resting on his left shoulder as Euan looks directly at the camera.

In the second picture, the woman’s head has slipped under his chin, onto his chest, as Euan stares into the distance, looking as if he wants someone to help.


Euan pleaded with Twitter users to "collect their maw"
Euan pleaded with Twitter users to “collect their maw”


In later tweets, Euan described what had happened and said: “I couldn’t believe it, she was about 45.

“Her pals were just allowing it as if it was normal. I never said a thing.”

Twitter users were quick to react to Euan’s viral tweet.

One user commented: “She had a mad night out.”

Another wrote: “Hahaha that’s amazing.”

One found it hilarious and tweeted: “I’m creased at this!”

Whilst another added: “Oh man. She must have had a fun night.”

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