Xmas offence post backfires on Twitter user


A TWITTER user who offered to drive anyone offended by Christmas to the airport has been flooded with hundreds of cheeky messages asking for lifts.

Anish Patel declared that the UK is “western, Christian country”, adding: “And if people are offended by Christmas, I will personally drive them to the airport myself.”

Vast numbers of jokers responded to @AnishUKIP by insisting they are offended by Christmas and asking to be transported to various airports over the festive season.

“Tim” wrote: “Hi Anish – I’m offended by Christmas and I’m flying out of Luton on Thursday. Pick me up at about 10.15am?”


Twitter users were quick to jump on the tweets
Twitter users were quick to jump on the tweets


“VinceVG” quipped: “I fly to Luton on 5th and out again on 13th, can you help?”
He added: “I am very very very offended by xmas by the way.”

@Alby said: “I am very offended by Christmas and would hate it if I had to leave the UK via Heathrow at 2pm on the 23rd.”

Sam Wise then added to this by saying: “I’m also heading off from Heathrow on the 23rd, think you could swing by mine as well? Could car share?”


Users tried to catch a free lift
Users tried to catch a free lift


Some users took the joke a step further and demanded lifts inside the UK.
Brendon Hope said: “I’m offended by people who talk out of their arse. That said, can you drive me to work next week? Just don’t say anything.”

Anish, whose Twitter profile describes himself as a “Patriotic Conservatarian & Civic Nationalist” from London, had written: “I know this is early, Merry Christmas to all. We are a western Christian country. If this country loses its identity the rest is meaningless.”

Anish has now made his tweets protected, so only followers can see his posts.