Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsRaging Scot vows to raffle mum over her tuna mayo sandwiches

Raging Scot vows to raffle mum over her tuna mayo sandwiches

A SCOT vowed to raffle his own mother after she made “f*****g tuna mayo sannies again” for lunch.

Robbie Muir was so outraged when he opened his lunch on Monday to discover yet more tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches he took to social media.

The 23-year-old from Edinburgh told friends on Facebook he was raffling off his mum for just £5 a ticket.

He shared a picture of his mother and wrote: “Roll up, roll up, attention everyone!

“For anyone who is interested, I’m raffling my mum so pick a number from 1-50 because it’s f*****g tuna mayo sannies again and I’ve f*****g had enough.

“It’s -3, it’s Monday and my ginger cow’s lick has frozen stiff. £5 a number.”


He added: “If you like tuna mayo look no further, I present to you my mum. If she’s feeling generous, she might even give you egg mayo sannies for your piece.”

Robbie’s Facebook friends were quick to react his hilarious raffle offer, with many reserving the lucky numbers they wanted.

Lewis Blackley asked: “Does she make the Tuna with mayo or salad cream?”

To which Robbie replied: “Mayo, think salad cream is too advanced mate.”

Jai Kerr, in a reference to Greggs, asked if she was “good at cooking steak bakes?” Robbie answered: “Good at macaroni and spag bol.”

Jai then asked: “What about custard creams dipped in tomato soup?” Robbie replied: “Too advanced mate.”


When another friend mentioned the joker only paid £50 to stay at home, Robbie answered: “Bread, mayo and tins of tuna doesn’t even come to a tenner and she washes fitball strips from 2007 but not my latest gear.”

Connor Moore joked Robbie’s Christmas dinner would be different this year, writing: “Xmas dinner with a twist this year. Tuna mayo sannies, peas, carrots and toothpaste.”

However, Georgia Reid summed up the likely response of many long-suffering parents with the words: “F*****g move out and make your own pieces then! Haha”

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