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NewsJackass legend Steve-O accepts fan's tweet invite to surf

Jackass legend Steve-O accepts fan’s tweet invite to surf

A SCOT was stunned when he invited Jackass star Steve-O to surf at his local beach – and the legendary daredevil accepted.

Angus Grieve, from Aberdeen, spent the entire day surfing with Steve-O, who’s best-known for his crazy stunts such as the alligator tightrope or the ‘jellyfish sombrero’, in which he placed one of the stinging creatures on his head.

Angus, 21, was stunned when the fearless star responded to his speculative tweet and said he’d love to join him for a spot of Scottish surfing last weekend.

Angus, who studies at Robert Gordon University, was joined by his friends as he chatted to his childhood hero whilst riding the waves at Aberdeen Beach and Queens Links.


Angus couldn’t believe it when the star replied to his tweet


Steve-O, 42, who’s famed for his dangerous stunts on the hit MTV show – and spinoff movie – ‘Jackass’, was in the city to perform as part of the UK stage of his comedy tour.

The kind-hearted star, real name Stephen Glover, even gave Angus and his friends free tickets for his show that evening and sent them home with signed memorabilia.

Angus sent a tweet to the superstar stuntman on Friday evening, not expecting a response, however, he was gobsmacked when the reply came to say he’d be keen to experience the Scottish waves.

The student picked Steve-O up from his hotel the following day before the pair spent the afternoon surfing together and chatting about his time on Jackass.


Steve-O spent the whole afternoon surfing with the student and his friends


The star even remarked to Angus about what a great time he was having and took the time to sign autographs for star-struck fans once word got out he was in the area.

Angus later shared photos of his experience online, showing the two of them in their rented surf gear on the icy cold Scottish beach.

Speaking about his surreal surfing experience, Angus said: “Being a fan for all I can remember, I thought, what’s the harm in tweeting him to see if he fancied a surf in the icy cold waters of Aberdeen on Saturday.

“I didn’t really expect a reply but right enough I got a private message from him saying he thought that the idea might be cool.

“Me and my friend met him at the reception of his hotel. He was really chilled out the whole time and us feel comfortable despite being starstruck because I was driving about with Steve-O in my passenger seat and people on the street were waving at us.

“The conditions were appalling but he told me stories about the Jackass crew and how they are all doing these days.”

He continued: “The waves were terrible but the atmosphere was high and everyone was having fun. He even came up to me and told me that he was having a great time and was glad I took him out.

“When we left, fans had gathered where we were surfing and he took a picture with every one of them.

“At the show, Steve-O got us in the back entrance of the venue for free and at the end his friend came up to us and took us into the merchandise area to be first in line for a photo.

“Steve-O hooked us up with whatever we wanted and said a final thank you for the day, signed our merchandise and took a final photo with us before sending us off.

“And that was that. A crazy day with Steve-O, done. That’s one thing ticked off the bucket list.”

Jackass is an American TV show in which its stars perform various dangerous stunts and pranks, originally airing from 2000 to 2002

It made household names of performers such as Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Steve-O and was later turned into a series of films.

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