Game of Thrones bar comes to Scotland


WINTER will be coming to Scotland next year when a Game of Thrones-inspired pop up bar – Blood & Wine – arrives in the capital.

Bringing George R. R. Martin’s bestselling books and iconic TV series to life, the Game of Thrones bar will allow fans to delve into the world of Westeros, the fictional continent from the hit show.

Created by Linden Wilkinson of Geek Social, a UK-based events company, it will open in Edinburgh in January next year and feature drinks found in the popular series.

Serving every Wednesday and Thursday night throughout January, fans will be offered beverages enjoyed by the characters in the show and can sample what the atmosphere is really like.


The bar will be popular with fans of the show


According to Mr Wilkinson, the menu will “consist entirely” of drinks which are used in the TV series.

Mr Wilkinson said: “Our menu consists entirely of drinks mentioned, drunk, thrown or poisoned in the novels or the show and boasts a wide selection of wines, spirits, ales and infusions.”

Guests at Blood & Wine can expect to sample the “Wines of Westeros”, and indulge in other drinks such as “Arbor Gold”, “The Imp’s Delight”, the “Old Bears Hot Spiced Wine” and “Black Tar Rum”.

Using Edinburgh’s gothic history as inspiration for the bar, Mr Wilkinson said he can’t wait for the bar to open.

He said: “We are incredibly excited to bring Blood & Wine to Edinburgh – we can’t think of any other city whose history is as – if not more – exciting than the world created by George R.R Martin.

“In fact, Edinburgh Castle acted as the inspiration for the infamous Red Wedding.

“We think a city as beautiful and atmospheric as Edinburgh is the perfect place to host Blood & Wine, it’s absolutely on par with King’s Landing.”

The bloodbath featured in the memorable Red Wedding scene was based on events that took place in Edinburgh Castle in 1440 and other historical Scottish battles.

Blood & Wine will be located in the cellar below Daylight Robbery bar on Dublin Street and the organisers have said they will be working alongside Royal Mile Whiskies to create a true Game of Thrones experience.

The tavern will be decorated with props supplied by Edinburgh-based sword retailers The Knight’s Vault and opens its doors on January 4.

The fantasy series is filmed at various locations throughout the United Kingdom, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the United States, with its studio based in Belfast.