The Lynx effect: Rangers fan tries to bulk order 8,000 cans for Hogmanay Old Firm clash


LYNX have agreed to look into a bulk deal with a Rangers fan after he asked for 8,000 cans of deodorant ahead of Celtic’s visit to Ibrox on Hogmanay.

Last year, stunned Celtic fans received a letter from the club telling them not to turn up to matches with excessive BO.

Gleeful Gers supporters have taunted Celtic fans about their alleged odour ever since.

Now one cheeky Rangers fan has gone a step further and pleaded with deodorant giants Lynx to supply him so he can spray rival supporters when they visit on New Year’s Eve.


Lynx could supply thousands of cans to the cheeky Rangers fan


The Rangers Twitter user, known as ‘True Blue Santa’, wrote: “Hi @lynx How much for 8000 cans of deodorant in a bulk buy deal? 150ml x 8000 comes to 264 gallons.”

Despite no initial reply, the determined Bluenose tweeted them yesterday (WED) to follow-up: “Hi @lynx still no response. We have 8000 visitors needing a wash on 31st December so it’s getting mission critical time.”

His second request caught the eye of Lynx, who replied: “Not sure if serious but drop us your e-mail in a DM and we’ll see what we can do.”

The prankster Rangers fan tweeted: “Great news, Lynx agreed a special bulk-buy price for 7682 cans of deodorant at 0.22p per can. Total bill is £1690.”


The Twitter user claimed Lynx had agreed to the proposal


It’s unclear whether Lynx have agreed to the deal or whether the supported is simply trying to wind-up Hoops fans.

Fellow Twitter users have been quick to react to the tweets from both sides of the Old Firm divide.

One user wrote: “Complimentary tins lads come on. The Celtic fans smell like dogs*e. Hogmanay Old Firm is approaching!”

Another commented: “When smelly gate came out I tried everywhere to get inflatable deodorant cans. Couldn’t source them anywhere #smellygate.”

However, some had a pop back at the Ibrox club.

One wrote: “Don’t take a cheque and get paid upfront… They have previous.”

Whilst another added: “Surely a few freebies for distribution at Broomloan Red end?”

In September 2015, Celtic’s supporter liaison officer, John Paul Taylor, wrote to fans after some complained about the stench of body odour inside the stadium.

Unsurprisingly, Rangers fans latched onto the letter and used it taunt their fierce rivals via social media with images of deodorant cans and people washing.