Wednesday, August 10, 2022
NewsTown's knitted bollard covers "look like willy warmers"

Town’s knitted bollard covers “look like willy warmers”

A SMALL town’s whimsical knitted bollard covers have backfired after social media users claimed they look like “willy warmers”.

The white wollen covers, placed on bollards in the douce community of Callander, Perthshire, have been made to look like Olaf – the snowman from the Disney film Frozen.

The snowmen were knitted by a local community group who have previously made similar covers that look like minions and other cartoon characters.

Despite their wholesome intentions, it has not taken long for Facebook users to drag the bollards into the gutter.

Photo: Alistair McNeil

Helen Hall said: “Aw this is cute but unfortunately reminds me of the wee novelty willy warmers you get.”

Terrence Logan quipped: “I always wondered what they did with the leftover XL willy warmers when they don’t sell”.

Emma Anderson added: “Oh my. Woolly willy warmers.”

And Tom Wymer suggested that in the spring when the weather thawed, the display could become: “Attack of the Penis Melts”.

Others who have seen the knitted bollards have suggested they bear a resemblance to giant woolen condoms.

The images have been shared and liked over 6,000 times on Facebook.

Audrey McGeoch is among those who took the bollard covers at face value, writing: “These would certainly put a smile on any bah humbug’s face. Brilliant!!”

Gillian Robson added: “These are ace”.

Rosie Moar wrote: “They are great and what a wonderful idea.”

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