WOOOO-F! Woman claims to have photographed “ghost dug”


A PET lover has caused an online sensation with her spooky picture of what she claims is a “ghost dog” in her living room.

Tiegan McKay from Livingston, West Lothian, was stunned when a photo she took appeared to show the ghostly figure of a dog in her house.

Her actual dog, called ‘Lucky’, can be seen in the picture but also visible is the faint outline of another dog behind her.

The phantom pooch appears to be staring directly back at the camera.


Tiegan thought she’d spotted a ghost dog in her house


Tiegan also claims she occasionally hears claws scraping in rooms despite their dog not being present.

She reckons the previous owners of the house had a dog put down inside the property.

On Wednesday night, Tiegan shared the spooky picture on Twitter with the caption: “I took this pic earlier. Right, am I being daft or is that a ghost of a dug in the circle?”

The photo shows Tiegan’s dog Lucky sniffing the wooden floor beside the Christmas tree in what appears at first to be a relatively normal image.

However, the ghost of another dog has been highlighted by a red circle which shows the faint outline of another black canine standing near Lucky, with its bright eyes reflecting back at the camera.

Her tweet has gained nearly 1,500 retweets and over 4,500 likes and as more people commented on the image, Tiegan later revealed it’s not the first dog-related paranormal event to take place in her home.


Most Twitter users were spooked out by the pic


She wrote: “Sometimes we hear wee claws on the floor downstairs and Lucky will be sitting with us.

“The people who lived in this house before us got their dog put to sleep at home.”
Other users were quick to react to the supernatural occurrence.

One wrote: “That explains why we always here claws in the floor when Lucky is upstairs. That’s so weird.

“Maybe that’s why Lucky hid under the cooker and wouldn’t sleep at night herself downstairs.”

Another commented: “That’s actually giving me the fear. I can’t stop looking at it.

“Imagine that barking at you when your dug’s not in.”

One wrote: “Well I’m never coming round your bit.”

Whilst one added: “Call a priest!”