Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsActress Louise Linton posts gushing tribute to banker fiancé and Trump's right-hand...

Actress Louise Linton posts gushing tribute to banker fiancé and Trump’s right-hand man

SCOTS actress Louise Linton has broken her social media silence with a gushing tribute to her fiance – who will soon become Treasury Secretary to Donald Trump.

Linton, who became notorious this year for her controversial memoir about her gap year in Zambia, is engaged to billionaire banker Steve Mnuchin.

The post on her Facebook page was accompanied by intimate black and white pictures of the couple dancing.

Linton, 35, predicted that her husband-to-be will be “wonderful” in government.

Linton and Mnuchin

She wrote: “After 3 years I’m finally posting something from my private life rather than career. Feels a bit scary.

“I’m very proud of my fiancé (engaged last September 2015) and am excited to move to DC as a family in January.”

She added: “He is the most kind, humble, noble, intelligent and decent man I know.

“He will be a wonderful Sec. of the Treasury as there is no one smarter or more sensible and kind than him.”

Linton’s post has received more than 400 “likes” from her friends, including John Nauman added: “Sometimes out of convenience you have to sign for your significant other. Good luck with that when his signature is soon going to be on billions of dollars.”

Leone Marucci wrote: “Congrats on your engagement and continuation of your amazing journey Louise… So happy for you!”

Cheryl Beach said: “Such a touching post. I’m so happy for you guys, congrats!! He is a lucky man.”

Linton, born in Edinburgh, made her big break in acting when Robert Redford cast her in Lions for Lambs, starring Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep, in 2007.

But her reputation was severely dented by the publication of her gap year memoir, In Congo’s Shadow, a story of “darkest Africa”.

The book contains a passage in which “armed rebels descended” on her village – entering the country from neighbouring Congo.

According to her book Linton was forced to hide from the rebels for fear of being murdered or raped.

But Zambians and UK readers alike took to social media to claim there are inaccuracies in her story – accusing her of having a “white saviour complex”.

Steven Mnuchin served as finance director for President-elect Trump’s campaign and also spent 17 years working at investment firm Goldman Sachs.

His new role will see him head the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which is concerned with financial and monetary matters.

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