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NewsHigh school staff stun pupils with Mariah Carey parody video

High school staff stun pupils with Mariah Carey parody video

HIGH school teachers stunned students at the end of term assembly with a hilarious Mariah Carey parody video – complete with a mannequin challenge.

More than 40 teachers at Stranraer Academy, Dumfries and Galloway, took part in the video as a Christmas surprise for pupils.

The video, which took two weeks to film in secret, was aired in front of pupils yesterday (WED) before they broke up for the festive holidays.

Teachers from every department, dinner ladies, janitors and even the school’s head teacher are seen miming and dancing along to the Carey’s 1994 hit All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Donning tinsel, Christmas lights, festive jumpers and even decorated “saxophones” made from the PE departments hockey sticks, the video has proved a huge hit – and not only with pupils.

The incredible footage has already had more than 38,000 views since it was posted yesterday afternoon (WED).

The clip starts with a view of the school from outside before switching to the school canteen where several catering staff are shown raising up from behind the stoves, covered in tinsel.

They are then shown singing along to the Christmas track while swaying back and forward with their hands in the air and later reappear dancing with wooden spoons and cutlery.

Teachers from the Business Education department then make an appearance in a classroom before the video diverts to an office where staff can be seen trying not to laugh as they sing along.

As the chorus kicks in, the pace picks up, with the camera switching back and forward between departments showing smiling staff dancing along together and getting into the festive spirit.

The school’s headteacher, Norman Dawson, is shown a couple of times swinging around around his tinsel while wearing an elf hat and dancing along his deputy’s.

Amazingly, the music halts for a few seconds while the PE department throw in a mannequin challenge in the gym hall while holding onto sports equipment and bouncing on fitness balls.

As the video comes to an end, the schools head teacher appears again with the message “Merry Christmas from Stranraer Academy” across the screen.

The video has sparked a massive response from social media with viewers branding the video fantastic with some even saying it makes them want to get into teaching.

Lisa Lonsdale said: “Absolutely brilliant, shows you’re up for a laugh and good time and not all about teaching. Well done.”

Yvonne Allison wrote: “This is absolutely brilliant. Well done to all the staff and everyone involved. Merry Christmas.”

Becca Hogg said: “This actually makes me want to be a teacher. Well done everyone. Nice to see some familiar faces are still there.”

And Nicola Reay wrote: “Absolutely killed myself watching this. Miss Burgess could not have looked less interested if she tried. Mr Donnelly’s scrooge face too. Best Christmas video I’ve seen yet.”

PE teacher Louis Munro, who was responsible for making the video, said: “We thought we would let the kids see the teachers in a different light, having a bit of fun.

“I finished filming it last Friday then sent it round to the teachers on Monday who all thought it was great.

“We showed it three times throughout the day to the kids. The reaction was great from them all.

“It was about two weeks of filming on lunchtimes and after school then I spent about five hours putting it all together.

“I’ve showed it to a few teachers I know in other schools so I’m hoping it encouraged them to make their own one too.”

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