Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsPassenger's snap proves railways are going to the dogs

Passenger’s snap proves railways are going to the dogs

A TRAIN passenger has captured the ultimate evidence that the railways are going to the dogs.

Hilarious pictures show the moment a dog made itself at home in the company’s carriages, sitting up like a human on a seat.

Domenica Smailes (corr), from Largs, North Ayrshire, was travelling with ScotRail last Sunday when she was stunned to find a canine sitting next to her.

She shared her amazing pictures on Twitter with the caption: “Actually got a stranger’s dog sitting next to me on this train hahaha.”

The snaps of her unusual travel buddy quickly went viral, gaining over 8,000 retweets and 24,000 likes with countless comments from amused users.

Her first picture shows the dog sitting upright with its back against the purple support of the seat, looking up at Domenica with puppy-dog eyes.

The dog with its amusing pose!

In her second hilarious photo, the dog has turned round slightly, so that its back is on the armrest with paws out in front and a look which suggests that Domenica and the travelling pooch are in deep discussion.

Speaking about her surreal journey, Domenica said: “I was on the train from Cowdenbeath through to Edinburgh and it sat beside me the full way.

“Its owner put a jacket down on the seat for it to sit back up. People around us thought it was funny because of the way it was sitting.

“I thought it was hilarious. Luckily it wasn’t too busy a train.”

Twitter users were quick to react to the funny photographs.

One wrote: “This is my actual dream! He’s looking over like, ah hey.”

One commented: “I’m on a train and now I’m sad I don’t have a dog sitting next to me.”

One wrote: “Nah that little pupper is too slim and elegant. Mine just ran into a wall, I don’t think he qualifies as elegant.”

Whilst another added: “Why is it sitting like that? My life would be complete.”


A ScotRail Alliance spokesman said: “Dogs, no matter how well-behaved, are not permitted on seats. Our staff will ask for them to be moved to the floor if they see this.”

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