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NewsAmerican football superstar Tom Brady revealed as Old Firm fan

American football superstar Tom Brady revealed as Old Firm fan

THE WORLD’S most famous American footballer has revealed himself as a fan of the Old Firm.

Tom Brady plays for the New England Patriots and has won three Superbowl MVP awards whilst leading his team to 14 division titles, more than any other quarterback.

Now, it has emerged the 39-year-old superstar is an avid follower of the Rangers and Celtic rivalry.

Brady has created a six-part documentary series which has been shown in America called the ‘Religion of Sports’.

The series dissects how sport can influence societies and in a plug for the last installment of the show, Brady revealed his passion for Scottish football’s biggest match.


The American football star is a keen follower of Scottish footy



Posting on his Facebook page on Tuesday, the American sportstar, wrote: “Celtic FC vs Rangers FC is an incredible rivalry.

“If you love sports, you’ll love tonight’s episode of Religion of Sports. Season finale tonight at 8pm on Audience Sports!”

He also shared an image from a recent Old Firm derby, with Lee Wallace and Scott Brown shaking hands ahead of kick-off and his own face imposed on to the body of the referee.

Instead of Craig Thomson, the picture shows Brady as the match official, wearing a red, white and blue Patriots wooly hat.

Tom’s post split opinion amongst his Facebook followers.

One commented: “Celtic FC fan all the way. The only team in Glasgow. A family team which teaches loves and togetherness.”

Whilst another wrote: “Glasgow Rangers all the way Tom! They fell and fought their way through all the lower divisions all the way back to the top flight.”

Whilst one joked: “One thing you could say about Tom being the referee is that he’d definitely be better than Craig Thomson.”

Brady is considered among the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Having started his professional career with the Patriots in 2000, he has remained with the team ever since.

He holds a host of records and has won four Superbowls. At the start of 2016 he was fifth in the all time stats for passing yards.

He was suspended for the first four games of this NFL season as a result of the ‘deflategate’ scandal in which it was alleged the Patriots tampered with the balls used in a match against Indianapolis Colts.

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