“Your tattie scones look sh**e!” How Scots gran savaged would-be chef


AN outspoken Scottish grandmother has gone viral after telling a woman that her first attempt at making potato scones looked “s***e”.

Hazel Ramsay from Paisley, Renfrewshire, has become a social media sensation for her brutal critique of the tattie scones which one proud amateur chef had posted on Facebook.

The 77-year-old told Alison Mccaffery in no uncertain terms what she thought of the tattie scones she’d made, telling her that she hoped “they tasted better than they looked”.

Alison posted three photos of her cooking effort on Facebook with the caption: “Homemade tattie scones. No bad for a first try. Needs more salt.”


Hazel pulled no punches with her response


Hazel responded: “Sorry Alison but they look s***e.

“Hope they tasted better than they looked. I’ve not tried the recipe yet. I will post a picture.”

True to her word, Hazel, rubbed salt in the wound, by posting a picture of her holding up two perfect tattie scones.

The exchange had already gone viral and Hazel could not resist adding: “This is for my fans.”
Hazel’s granddaughter, Rowan Ramsay, uploaded the hilarious exchamge to Twitter, getting 6,000 retweets and 23,000 likes in a few hours.

She wrote: “Some poor bird is heavy chuffed with her tattie scones and ma granny has absolutely scorned her!”


Hazel later uploaded a pic of her with some supermarket tattie scones for her ‘fans’


One user wrote: “They do look s***e to be fair.”
Another commented: “Love tattie scones, the granny’s right though, those tattie scones do look terrible.”

One wrote: “That’s no tattie scones, that’s mashed tatties.”

Whilst one added: “Hahaha, first try! The shape is a bit off.”

Hazel isn’t the first Scottish gran to go viral.

Last year, Bette Reynolds, captured the internet’s imagination with her videos in which she performed Scottish version of Drake songs.