Terrifying moment HGV crashes onto its side and heads towards dashcam vehicle


DRAMATIC footage shows the moment a heavy lorry rolls on to its side and ploughs on towards the dashcam vehicle.

The stricken vehicle throws up a huge cloud dust and debris before coming to a halt just a few metres in front of the dashcam vehicle on the other side of the road

The 90-second clip was captured on the dashcam of a car driver in Buderim, Queensland, Australia, last Friday.

In the footage, the driver is travelling down a straight road, when a lorry can be seen turning a corner up ahead.

The lorry appears to take the corner at high speed and starts to tilt towards his left as he comes out of the bend.

After several agonising seconds, the large vehicle completely loses its balance and falls on to its side.


The lorry was left on its side


Remarkably the driver of the dash cam vehicle does not react at all as dust from the road edge flies into the air along with the lorry’s load.

He stops his vehicle calmly and goes to examine the damage, as The Killers’ Mr Brightside starts blaring out of his car radio.

The clip was posted by the Dash Cam Owners Australia Youtube channel on Friday and has since been viewed around 27,000 times.

Gavin Bartkowski, who filmed the incident on his dash cam, said: “I didn’t want to convict the driver but it was obvious that he wasn’t going to make the corner. He may have been going a bit fast.”



The 22-year-old water treatment plant operator, who survived a road accident three months ago, added: “It was weird having to climb over the bonnet of the still running truck to help the driver get out.

“The driver was a nice older gentleman, very appreciative of how fast help arrived. He was a little bit shaken up after the rollover and wasn’t seriously injured.”

Viewers reacted with shock after watching the footage.

One commenter said: “I suspect that the load shifted because he pushed the trailer into the corner at too high a speed. You must always be mindful of a load shifting around on a trailer.

I also suspect that this guy is now out looking for a new job. I wouldn’t let him drive any truck that I own.”

Another commenter said: “I wonder how many times the driver that rolled said ‘f***’ as it was happening.”

Some appeared very shocked at the dash cam driver’s lack of reaction.

One Youtube user said: “These videos always make me wonder – how can you see this and not react at all?”

Another said: “How’s it possible the dashcam driver not say anything?”
Some however remained amused at the timing with which The Killers’ Mr Brightside came on the radio.

One commenter made a pun on the song’s lyrics, writing: “He started out on the road. How did it end up like that? It was only a drift.”

Gavin himself was victim of a harrowing highway crash himself, last year.

Gavin was driving with his brother Justin, 24, in the passenger seat when an oncoming car hit his Subaru Forrester head-on in a three-vehicle crash on a Queensland Highway in October.

Speaking to Australian media at the time, he said: “It was like a screeching, then a roaring sound, then like an explosion.”

“Everything under the dash was pinning my legs into the foot area of the car.

“My brother (Justin), relatively unscathed with a few bruises, helped free my legs and we had to remove my shoes to get my foot out.”