Sunday, August 14, 2022
NewsThe moment man tricked into eating catfood pie

The moment man tricked into eating catfood pie

THE hilarious moment workmen pulled off the perfect prank by getting a colleague to eat a cat food-filled pie has been caught on camera.

The joke came after one of the worker, known only as Martin, from Edinburgh, had stolen a pie from his co-worker Davie the previous day.

Davie managed to get the perfect revenge however, by buying two pies the next day and filling one with cat food in the knowledge that Martin would once again steal his lunch.

The plan worked perfectly, with the pie acting like catnip for Martin, as he bites into the cat food pie before realising what’s happened and retching out of van window.


It didn’t end well for Martin


The funny footage was uploaded to Facebook yesterday and has already been liked over 5,000 times with a further 4,000 shares.

The video starts because Martin has asked his mates to film him eating the pie, to really rub salt in Davie’s wounds.

Martin turns to the camera and says: “Happy New Year Davie” oblivious to what’s happening despite his friends dropping hints like: “that pie looks like it’s straight out of the can” and making “meow” noises.

Martin begins to question the pie’s taste and stares at it before asking: “Is this dog meat in here?”

Suddenly, Martin then retches out the window and says: “I’m going to f*****g do him,” as he washes the taste away with some Lucozade.

The footage ends with Martin saying: “He’s a wee f***y eh.”

Facebook users have been quick to react to the hilarious prank.

One wrote: “Brilliant, meow haha!”

Another commented: “He’s clueless, he starts barking!”

Whilst one asked: “Did he give the other pie to his friend Felix?”

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