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NewsHilarious moment Scot takes mic from opera singer caught on camera

Hilarious moment Scot takes mic from opera singer caught on camera

THE X-RATED moment a gallus Scotsman grabs the microphone from an opera singer in the middle of the street and gives his own version of a classic tune has been caught on camera.

David McCallum, a.k.a ‘Ravie Davie’, took the mic from the classical singer’s hand as he walked down Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow yesterday.

The opera singer was performing the famous song, ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ but ‘Ravie Davie’ was having none of it as he struggled with a hangover.


The prankster couldn’t deal with opera with his hangover


Instead, he grabs the microphone and gives his own Glaswegian rendition in which he tells shopped that it’s “time to suck my b***s.”

The funny clip was uploaded onto his Facebook page, “Ravie-Davie, The Fresh Prince Of Drumoyne Square,” yesterday and has already been watched over 116,000 times.

The video was captioned: “So walking down at Sauchiehall Street and there’s a mad c*** signing opera, ‘The Opera Guy’, so I took his mic off him and sang some classical tunes for all the troops.

“Some of the old dears were raging to be honest but the bold singer was sound and never punched me for taking his mic off him so can’t grumble man.”

The 52-second clip starts with ‘Ravie Davie, dressed in a blue hoodie and chequered cap, looking into his camera as he says: “What’s happening troops?

“I’m out here on Sauchiehall Street man with a banging f*****g hangover and i’ve got this mad c*** up here playing opera so i’m just going to take it off him and rock that mic.”

He then walks up to the opera singer and rips the microphone from his hand and says: “Give me that right.”

Ravie Davie then launches into his own, unique take on the classical song and sings: “Time to suck my balls, dirty wee, dirty wee b***h.

“That’s how the fresh prince rolls, here we, here we f***** go. F**k the police on a Friday, Tuesday.

“F**k the police, f**k the police, yes.”

He then hands the microphone back to the singer and tells him: “That’s what’s happening big man. Least you enjoyed it you sport.”

Facebook users have been quick to react to ‘Ravie Davie’s’ opera attempt.

One user wrote: “The stuff that happens outside my old work.”

One commented: “How funny is this?”

Whilst another added: “A reminder of home.”

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