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Digital Marketing Tips for Your Business in 2017

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Are you looking to expand this year or perhaps you’ve not been hitting all of your targets and want to invest some time improving your marketing strategy? Either way, this year will see a lot of progress in the marketing industry with new, innovative ideas to generate business leads across all types of business. So whatever the nature of your business, you might find these digital marketing tips useful if you’re looking to generate more customers this year.


Lots of marketing experts are predicting that 2017 will be the year of Video when it comes to marketing. Whether this is the use of 360 degree videos for property viewings, YouTube videos that showcase products or Facebook Live, video will be widely used by marketers this year. All of these are going to be popular, so you might want to think about whether this is an option for your business. You can get tutorials on YouTube on how to create good videos. It might sound complicated but there are a wide range of ways to create videos from a simple Powerpoint Presentation that you convert to video format to a really professional looking video using editing software.

Email Marketing

This isn’t a new marketing channel but there have been a lot of changes in this area as to how people use email marketing more effectively. One of the key trends for 2017 will be segmented email marketing. What this basically means is targeting your emails based on details that you know about the recipients. For example, taking details on demographics, location, purchase history etc. and creating email campaigns that will appeal to them more based on the details you have. This type of email marketing is proven to increase the click through rate.


Again, this isn’t a new concept but where a few years ago people more frequently used laptops and PCs to open emails, mobile has overtaken other devices in the way that people read their emails. Therefore, all of your digital marketing should be geared towards people accessing via their smartphone. Make sure that both your email content and your website is mobile friendly if you want to have a successful digital marketing strategy.


Do you know who your main business competitors are? Take a look at the marketing methods they are using to make sure they are not taking all of your potential customers using effective marketing techniques. Stay ahead of them by researching the latest marketing trends through resources like Entrepreneur, Forbes and specialist marketing sites. If your competitors are being very savvy with their marketing strategy then you need to get up to speed.

Use new social media channels

If you currently only have a Facebook page, try using other channels. If your typical customers have Twitter accounts, then you need to set up a Twitter account to connect with them. Don’t rely on one type of social media channel when there are so many out there that can expand your network.

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